Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The very random Link up #4 The month of vlogging

Good day all of you lovelies! Welcome back for Sarah's and my 4th addition to The very Random Link up!!
                                                 Month of vlogging

(Or should I say V-log?? haha Shout out to Sarah!!)

You guys ready for this mornings vlog?? Today Sarah and I really want to know why you started blogging?

The very random Link up is not your ordinary link up. We will be doing topics different months.
Example: A vlogging month, about me month, and trying new recipes month.

One of my most favorite things about blogging is the relationships that come with it. the relationships that start out as a fellow blogger and turns into  a friend or even  a sister.
That is what these two ladies above have become in the last year. We've started out as fellow bloggers, to friends, to sisters and it is just so so amazing how God could use such a thing as blogging to bring us together. and we want that same relationship with you. That's why Sarah and I decided to start this fun random link up is because we wanted to find fun ways to get to know you and meet more of you! Will you join our very random community? 
 Each Month Sarah and I will pick a topic. It may be a vlogging month, a month of encouraging posts. anything. Some months we'll ask the questions and other months we just want to hear your thoughts and your heart. Have a topic or question  idea?  We'd love to hear it!

                    Why did you start blogging?


 2/4 In the month of February we are starting our 2nd topic and this one is called "The girl behind the blog". This month is about you! And we want to know what your favorite recipe is?

 Interested???? great!
Just add my button to your blog and we shall call it a deal! 
You can comment or just e-mail me @ Heather.amorningcupofcoffee@gmail.com if your interested.
You will also be given the opportunity to do a guest post or FAQ! How cool is that, right? 
                          Oh and to all my January Sponsors, don't go anywhere.. I like you so much I'd like to keep you around ;) ;)


  1. You are such a wonderful person and I know God is so proud of the woman you are. I absolutely love your blog and the inspiration you give. I also want to be a writer and use my blog to help brush up on my writing skills. I would love to write inspirational fiction books for young adults. I have an idea of my first book but I seem to have trouble putting it all down and making it into a story. I started blogging on Xanga over 10 years ago and then came to Blogger. It's fun and has been a great way to meet people. As a stay-at-home mom I don't get out much and don't get a chance to meet people outside of the internet. Blogging has been a great outlet.

  2. V-log!?!? hahahaha! Love you girly! And I love the heart behind your blog and so so so thankful that you started blogging! :)


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