Monday, January 27, 2014

Evelynne's 14th month.

I missed her 13th month just because she turned 13 months on Christmas and we were super busy that month. So are you ready for an Evelynne overload?

At 14 Months Evelynne is:
running!! Well, more like walking faster. 
Playing chase and loves to throw balls
Saying:  Dada, Up, dog, cat, and Ga (short for Grandma) Ah (short for Auntie Ashley & finally mama. (Only when she's mad or winy but I'll take it.)
She loves to imitate us and is trying to do and say what we're doing and saying.
Shaking her head no.
waving bye bye
Very interested in stairs and cabinets. yikes!
cuddling a lot more! yay!!
playing peek-a-boo
walking backwards

Nicknames: Evie, Piglet, Little love, Princess, munchkin and sweet pea
Evelynne is loving:
Mr. Giraffe.
Sophie the giraffe 
Pinky the giraffe 
& Mr bear.
(She picks which stuffed animal she loves more every day!)
whip cream. 
(Every time she sees me with a starbucks or coffee she knows!!)
Bananas and all kinds of fruit.
Her veggie smoothie
Her rocking horse
Being outside.
Getting out of the stroller and walking on her own.
When dada comes home.
Being read and sung too. 
Darlene Zschech.
                                                                               Being chased around the house!

                                                                                         Evelynne doesn't like:
Being told "no"
time outs. Yes, we started the time outs. 
A majority of veggies (Which is why I've been giving her veggie joice)
Nap time. 
I had her almost weaned completely from nursing but then she decided she hated all kinds of milk so I started nursing her once a day again until I can get her to start drinking it.
She pretty much eats everything we do in smaller forms. The girl loves to eat!

Leon is so good with Evelynne now.. I absolutely love watching them play together. Parenting didn't come naturally to Leon at first but I'd say he's a pro now.. He still refuses to change diapers but I don't mind lol As long as He changes them when I'm not home which he agreed to do! With him working night shift it's hard for him to get one on one time with E due to both of their schedules so Leon and I both decided that when he's up he's going to do Evie's bedtime with her. I think that will be so wonderful for the both of them and also give this mama a nice break.
T.I.R.E.D and to be honest with all of this cold weather I'm getting a little outside deprived. However, other than that I'm doing great! Watching Evelynne grow up and change is so exciting for me to see.
                                                                                   What I'm looking forward to:
Evelynne saying more words
All of us moving in a few months

Some videos from these last two months :)

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xoxo- Heather


  1. Heather! She is so precious! I know she is such a blessing to you two. And P.S. I love the blog design too! I think it fits you and your blog title :)

  2. She is darling! Cute photos and videos.

  3. Happy 14 Months! She is so beautiful!


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