Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Christmas

Photo: Spending Christmas with my sissy and my boy
 Evelynne and I got to spend Christmas with our family this year and it was quite wonderful! Though I would have been one million percent happier if Leon didn't have to work on Christmas However, It was great being with my family and their friends.. Yes, there friends are horses! Cool right?? I'm so glad Evelynne will have free riding lessons in the future.

Poor baby girl is getting her molars.. I've honestly forgotten how big those bad boys are in her cute little mouth. Thankfully the presents and wrapping paper fun distracted her for the most part. To think next year we will be celebrating Christmas in our new place! EEK!

How was your Christmas?


  1. Lovely pictures! Glad that you had a good day even without your husband. Hopefully next year he won't have to work!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. She is really beautiful!

  3. Hi! Hope you don't mind that I stopped by and browsed your page. I saw your site from the Top Mommy Blog page. Your little girl is beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! Love the precious pictures!
    Eric had to work on Christmas last year... plus we had a 5 day old baby. I kind of hated it :( But I'm so glad you made the best of it!
    Uuuugh, those molars! I'm dreading the day that they start hurting Mia. I suspect that they will be cutting through SOON.


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