Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The very random link up #3 Describe your dream house.

Hey loves!! Welcome to our third link up for The very Random link up! Sorry we are so late today Life over here has been so crazy due to my internet going out and both us mama's are tired from teething babies! As you can see I'm not wearing any make up today so it's real like here on like a morning cup of coffee haha!!!

So today's question is "Describe your dream house."

And next weeks question for you is "Why did you start blogging?"  I personally would love to know the answer to this one because I'm always so curious!! Much love to you guys!


  1. Who needs makeup!? You're naturally gorgeous girl! :)

    I love your house!!! I want a big porch too! I forgot to include that on mine! lol.

  2. I agree with Sarah, you are naturally gorgeous!

    Yes! A farm porch!! I love the house that the Duggar's have. It's huge!


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