Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Journey.

I am seriously still in unbelief sometimes that I have been the wife to my holy hunk for two whole years now! Well two years and one month to be exact!

The other day right after I kissed my man in uniform goodbye before leaving for his night shift I couldn't help but think to myself just how far we've gotten since the day we first met and how much more we're going to grow in these next few years and the many years after that. God's gotta plan for this Marriage and I'm so excited to see where it's going to go!

So that night I decided I was going to take our memories, lessons, triumphs and tribulations and write about them.. To go back and look at them in the future and also being hopeful that you might not only enjoy them but be encouraged by them as well.. I am a firm believer that every one has a story that can be used as encouragement to someone else. 

You ready to hear about our journey??

Our first meeting.. (Years before the actual first meeting.)

I was a fourteen year old homeschooler who didn't get out much and He was a popular goth kid who was not just popular in Church but school as well.. I mean look at this gorgeous face! 
....And then there's me on the right.
My only friend who wasn't a sibling, goat or dog invited me to her 14th Birthday party and I was so excited to go. Not knowing I was going to meet this handsome goth kid with an earring and bad boy written all over him..

After we got there he introduced himself immediately and I was sold. If he were to ask me to marry him that second I would have on the spot. I was instantly in love infatuated as a fourteen year old could be. 

I actually remember having a lot of fun that day.. I got to hang with the cool kids who went to public school,  and get flirted with by a twelve year old  and also with a young goth boy named Leon by picking me up in the water and flipping my water tube over. And when my mama saw the young man I had my eyes own well, lets just say she didn't approve!... As an no way... As in Heather leigh have you lost your mind child?

A few hours later we left.. We said goodbye but there was no number exchange or nothing..

My friend Lizzy tried to hook us up more than once.. by planning pool parties and stuff but I never made it.. So instead her and I just talked about him and she told me how he was doing and what he said when I told her to tell him I liked his earring. *face-palm*

Last I heard from him he was madly in love with the ministers daughter.. So I thought there was no hope for me. That's when I let him go.

Our second meeting.
Years later when I was eighteen I volunteered at our Church bread pantry with my mama and two younger sisters. It was something we looked forward to every week. As I was walking with my one year old niece around the huge church garden I happened to look over to see that man I never thought I would 
see again. 
 There he was! Leon. The one man I never thought I'd see again and haven't even thought about for years. I couldn't believe my eyes and at the time I really believe it was The Holy Spirit telling me it was Leon considering I haven't seen him in over four years and his looks changed completely.. How else could I have known?
Fridays came and Fridays went and there were no words that were said between him and I. My mama told me many times to go up and talk to him  but me? That wasn't how I rolled! So, I would just walk along the church property and stalk him instead.  ha ha totally just kidding!

It was about three months when I walked boldly into the church building convinced that I was going to stop playing childish games and re-introduce myself to him just to  find that he wasn't there.. Once again Mr eye candy disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.. And because of that I thought he was gone for good.

Come back next week to finish reading!! =D


  1. This is great! I love reading love stories and your's is fantastic so far! It's hilarious that you totally crushed on him after one party and that he would become your husband later. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Awww, so sweet! I want to know what happens next .. when is part 2? :)

  3. Okay so your hubby reminds me so much of my hubby when he was a teenager! Same hairstyle and everything!!! lol!


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