Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finish this #4

 Linking up with these ladies (Nicole {Three 31Lisa {The Coastal Chicster}and Becky {The Java Mama} Jen {The Arizona Russums}) for a new weekly series called Finish This. 

1. I use my "green thumb"  to attempt to start a flower garden and grow veggies but it doesn't always go well!! However, this year I'd like to give it another go without having any plant funerals.

2. The secret to life is...Being sold out for Christ!! I'm still learning to this day that when you give every aspect of your life to Jesus He can take that and run with it further and quicker than you ever could.

3. I get my money's worth by...Flea marketing, yard sailing, and excepting hammy downs. I also try to make my own foods most of the time like applesauce, breads, muffins. When I found out I was pregnant with E we literally had nothing! But God has provided so much for us and also gave us the opportunity to receive a high chair for only 10$ a Bassinet for 15$ and changing table for 4$ and a crib for free. I have only spent about 100$ on Evelynne's clothes since she has existed and I'd say that's pretty good! 

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is...Haha! It depends on what you mean by organized?? I'm organized in my brain.. I'd have to say that would be a 10 but my house on the other hand would drive you organized mama's bonkers! However, it's a trait I'm willing to improve on. :)

5. A gentleman always...Cherishes his lady and treats her like a princess. He holds the door open always, pays for the meals and surprises her with random starbucks... :)

6. Handwritten notes are... The best!! I love to receive handwritten notes and I'd rather write them as well.. I feel like they're so much more personal that e-mails and texts and it shows on a bigger level that you are thinking of them!


  1. Love this post! Getting to know blog authors can be so much fun. You are a joy!

  2. HIGH FIVE for those frugal finds, that's awesome.

  3. I am ALL about thrifting, bargaining, garage saling. My sister bought a bassinet for her baby at a garage sale for $5 and I used it and now my friend is using it! So 3 babies down!


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