Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My life isn't at all how I imagined it would be.

I had my life all figured out when I was younger. I was going to graduate high school, go to college, find a quick way to get out of debt from college, get married to my church crush (I wouldn't dare mention his name on here!!!!) and be a stay at home mama. (that part came true!) I was going to have a huge wedding with a guest list of 500 and I was going to have 8 bridesmaids and our honeymoon was going to be in Paris! After that we'd come home to our dream house and get started on babies a year later while traveling the world on missions trips and raising children who didn't have homes. I think I spent more time thinking about my future than actually preparing myself for my future ha ha! 
Well, I never went to college.. It just never happened. My life was getting really crazy at the time with family and college just wasn't something I made time for even though it would have made a great escape! 

My church crush turned out to be nothing I was looking for in a husband and to be honest.. I don't think he was interested in me in the first place and obviously I didn't become his stay at home wife... Thank God!

And I never did have my big wedding. It was a very small wedding with a guest list under 50. Like I said earlier there was a lot of drama going on where I lived so planning a wedding was  not  a fun experience. 
So Leon and I were married with the help of friends and our pastor in a hotel ball room. 

Our Honey moon was not in Paris right across from the Eiffel tower but more like Ocean city in December for a weekend. It was so cold but it was nice.. We never went outside anyways unless we were getting food!  

Instead of coming home to the dream house Leon and I both decided to share a townhouse with his mom and sister until we all got on our feet better financially considering I only worked at Panera bread and Leon was a house inspector who only worked when there was work..

Oh and waiting a year to start a family didn't happen considering we were blessed to receive the positive pregnancy test just three months after Marriage.

And we have not yet been on a missions trip.

Yep, my grown up life is nothing like I expected it to be... but it's way, way better!

 Both my hubby and I never went to college and though we are in a very tight space with money at the moment we are living a debt free lifestyle which is something we both plan to keep that way.

I am married to the man of my dreams that God provided for me!! I now see my old crush on facebook and well, I love my husband more than words could say!

We haven't been on a Missions trip (yet!) But God has given Leon and I so many opportunities to witness and love people around us!  

I never did have my big wedding and I was very upset about that at first but it's okay.. I would get married in a cave if it meant I could be with my man for the rest of my life. 
F.Y.I I am not taller than my hubs.. I was just wearing some huge heels ;)
We had sooo much fun in Ocean city.. No one was there so Leon and I had the entire beach to ourselves. We ate fives guys, ice cream, watched movies and sat in the hot tub... at the same time ;) We also had such a beautiful balcony with a gorgeous scenery of the ocean.
Living in a townhouse with my mama inlaw and sister inlaw has helped me grow so much as a person. It has made me stronger in so many ways and though we are at an end to us living together I'd have to say I'm gonna miss them being a few rooms away.

And finally my precious girl! Finding out I was pregnant just three months after Leon and I  were married was the most joyful and most terrifying day of my life. We were in no way prepared for a baby I mean we've barely been living together for 3 months, I just quit my job at panera because they weren't giving me enough hours and Leon had his house inspector job that wasn't dependable. But God has shown us in so many ways just how faithful He is during this process and He has provided our every need for this little one.. She has honestly lacked nothing and blessings seem to just keep coming her way. I honestly wouldn't delay her existence at all if I could. She has made out family complete and has made it stronger with love!

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  1. Oh Heather this is such a great post! Isn't it funny how we try to plan our lives out down to the detail? God usually has other plans! I am so happy that you love your life right now. You are right where God wants you to be. If mission work is in your future (and i am sure it is) I know you and Leon will be great at it because you have the heart for it! We need more people like your family in the world! God bless!

  2. Ah, I love this story & can relate in so many ways!

    The Lord has definitely blessed you, my friend. Thank you for sharing your story with us!!!

  3. I really do love this post! I might think about doing one of these myself. I love your story and pray God continues to share his blessings with you.

  4. Such a great story!! Your little family is adorable. Visiting from the link-up. Btw, our husbands have the same name! lol! Nice to have met you!

  5. Visiting from the linkup! I love that you had so many details planned out in advance. What a great lesson that we don't always get what we want - but we get what we need.

  6. I love this post! Much like myself, you learned that our plans don't exactly turn out how we would want, but that they happen in God's perfect timing! I love your little story! Also, my husband is currently a manager at Panera! Crazy!


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