Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some Java for the Mama. My new online weekly devotional

      Hey Ladies, Happy Thursday! How is your week going? Great I hope!
    I wanted to share with you this morning a new series I'm starting called  "Java for the Mama".

I got this idea after reading Faith's new blog post called "Jesus time for mama's." Have you read it?? That's what I thought.. Go read it now! :) It's such a great reminder of how much we need that Jesus time every day. I know for me if I don't get it I'm just one big unmotivated lush all day. I feel dry, impatient, unmotivated and just unhappy and that's not good! Especially for the little life that depends on me every second of the day. How can I enjoy life if I don't spend it with the One who gives me a reason to be joyful?

So, ladies. I'd like to introduce to you my very new series called "Some Java for the mama".. A place to get your encouragement and Spiritual caffeine every Thursday morning.

My prayer for this series is to not only build a community of  mamas but also women who are not yet mamas.. I believe with all my heart that this devotional will benefit you because even though you don't yet have biological children you may have some children who are like your own, you may nanny and I guarantee that there is some little love out there who looks  up to you and even if you don't you could certainly apply a majority of it to your life.

I desire for this series to build a sisterhood and just energize you with everything you need.

                                                      You guys with me?


  1. This is such a great idea, Heather! I love your heart for mission and wanting to lead and encourage others! I will certainly be following this series!
    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check it out

  2. I think it is a fantastic idea!!


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