Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet these incredible ladies!


                                                                  Meet Charlene.   

From Bisons to Buckeyes, and Beyond
-Why did you start blogging?  
I started blogging because after my husband and I got married, we moved 500+ miles away from everyone we knew. I wanted my family and friends back home to be able to keep up with us better than the occasional Facebook status.

-What is your favorite post you have written and why?
 My favorite post is probably "I Live for Little Moments Like This..." ( because it was fun to right and the response I got was great. I love writing about our life and marriage. Really that whole "From One Year and Beyond" series was pretty great...

- Where do you get blogging inspiration?
 I try to write about my life and little things that happen that spark creativity. But if I get stuck, I get inspiration from other bloggers. When I'm going through my Bloglovin feed and I see and Idea I like, I make a note. If I write that post, I make an effort make it my own and I make sure to give the other blogger credit.

                                                                        Meet Jessy

  1. What’s in your closet right now?
    I have a lot of things in my closet! Clothes- summer and winter, a plastic tub full of home decorations, our emergency bag consisting of all important paperwork, (that I’ll grab during a fire or emergency where we have to flee), my wedding dress, shoes, and scarf collection! It’s a semi big closet, but I do have way too much stuff!

2. Where do you get blogging inspiration? 

From my brain. 😊 Seriously! I’ve wanted to blog for a couple of years now, but my life was a bit crazy and I wanted to be able to devote myself to it fully. So, I’ve been keeping a running list in my head, of everything I wanted to write about. Naturally, I’m not the Rain Man, so I’ve forgotten most, but the well isn’t dry yet! I still have about 20 topics yet to be published!

3.If you could visit any places in the world, that you haven't visited yet, where would it be and why? 

ASIA!!!! I’ve been in love with the Asian culture since I was little. I’m more obsessed with Hello Kitty than my 7 year old niece! In particular, I want to go to Japan. While living in Hawaii, I had quite a few Japanese friends, and the stories they would tell of Japan made me want to go there even more! I love the beauty in simple things that they strive for. Husband’s not a big fan, he’d rather our next adventure to be South America, so we will see who wins this one!

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