Friday, March 28, 2014

We're official because Facebook says so!

That Sunday we had planned on trying a new Church  with some friends.

"Hello my future beautiful wife!"  He said with excitement.

It was still so weird to me knowing that this young man and I would one day be married.. I had always thought we would but the fact that this became a reality freaked me out a bit. But I had no doubts. I knew that what happened last Thursday night was legit. I mean both Leon and I told Jesus a head of time that we didn't want to play the dating game. We had no time for that, we just wanted to date our wife/husband and that's it. And God was faithful.

As we were driving we were so lost in conversation about what happened last Thursday. We were both just amazed. After about thirty minutes of talking we realized and caught on to the fact that we were lost... yikes!
We had no idea where we were and Leon didn't have the GPS with him.. bigger Yikes!

After about two hours of driving Leon finally figured out where we were and since we missed church by an hour we decided to just drive around and talk more and then he introduced me to one of the loves of my life... Panera Bread. Yes, I know what you're thinking but it's true. I had never been to a Panera Bread until I met Leon. I hadn't even been to a starbucks until I met Leon. Crazy huh? Anyways.

My very first Panera goodness was The Chicken Caesar Sandwich with a green tea and man oh man.
Best. Sandwich. Ever.

We continued conversations about where we wanted to go from here, Jesus and then Leon  mentioned that I had no taste in clothes  he wanted to take me clothes shopping.. And I was like when and where buddy?

After a full day of hanging at his house, and going out with friends Leon pretty much just shared his heart with me on our way home. He said that he knew that this was legit but he's having a hard time not doubting. He told me that he did love me but he wasn't ready to call me his girlfriend yet and for the time being he just wanted to be friends and get to know me as a friend. Which was definitely a great idea considering we still barely knew each other as people. 

Because we wanted to really get to know each other better we decided to spend a day together. So He picked me up around 10:00am. We got some more Panera Bread and hung out at a Church where he worked and discussed a book called "101 questions to ask each other before you get engaged".
After that we pretty much just hung out with  his mom and afterwards we went out with our friend Krista.

It's Official.
(About a month later) It was Labor day and our friends & Spiritual Parents were having a cookout before they closed the pool. We were sitting with our friend Krista drinking green tea while Leon was in the pool. We were just sitting and Krista asked when we were planning on making it official. Both Leon and I didn't really know the answer to that one.. For me I was ready anytime but I in no way wanted to be the one to say "Will you be my boyfriend? My Sugar muffin?" Nope!

It was a silent drive on the way home for about 15 minutes.. I think we were both thinking hard. For us it would be a huge step. He has never had a real serious godly relationship before and for me I had never been in any sort of relationship whatsoever. But the silence quickly broke when Leon asked me to be his girlfriend... in his own words of course which was  "So, I guess I'm switching my facebook relationship status.. Are you going to also?" 

Seriously not the kind of Girlfriend proposal I was expecting or dreamed of but hey, I'll take it!

So it was official! Leon and I were  Boyfriend and Girlfriend the very first Monday of September which was September 6th by the way.  My facebook status said proudly "In a relationship" and it had a huge amount of likes and comments overload! Some people expected it and others were shocked that we even knew each other.  And I'm friends with them why? hah!

Come back next Friday for part eight.
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  1. Aww the way he asked you is so cute! It shows he was nervous and didn't know what to say and that is just precious!

  2. Only our generation can do that! Love it. =)

  3. Awww, I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. Oh that is soooooo sweet!

    Just got back from a month long trip to the states! Good to be blogging again & catching up!


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