Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Evie's favorite toys at 15 months

Fisher Price laugh and learn singing story time puppy
Evie got this pup from her Grandpa for her Birthday and she loves it! It dances, sings and tells stories. She loves carrying it around the house with her and is always asking me to turn it on. And yes! It does have an off button. :)

Baby Play Kitchen
Leon and I bought this one for Evelynne at target. She loves balls so the fact that this little kitchen comes with little balls and holes to put them in is great for her and any other baby who is a ball fan. It also makes fun cooking noises and plays fun songs she loves. It's a great learning toy!

Leap frog musical tea pot
This is one both Evie and I enjoy because as of last week my daughter likes to play pretend tea party. It's the cutest thing! She'll try and pour the pretend tea and drink and eat the plastic cake. I'm gonna make a video of it soon so you all can see the cuteness! This little tea pot is such a cute toy. It makes "pouring" sounds when you tip the pot and drips when it's empty. It also plays some cute tea party melodies.

Princess Ball pit
Evie loves this ball pit! She runs to it almost every time she enters the living room. It's great for occupying and again she loves balls! The only downfall to this toy is it only comes with eight balls so I highly recommend you buy more or it won't be as fun. :)

Hape Pound & Tap Bench / Educo Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench  

Evie got this super fun toy for her Birthday! It's like two in one fun! She likes to hit the balls with the hammer and on the side she likes playing music with it. It's super fun and super noisy haha!


  1. This is GREAT my baby girl is turning ONE this month and I've been asking all my mom friends what kind of toys and things we should buy her for her birthday!! Thanks for the great post!


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