Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cherish them.

Any mama should read this b4 or after they have kids. It's not the most fabulous nursey they sleep in.......or the cutset baby gap clothes you dress them in. If that is why you want probably shouldn't have them. Children need LOVE more than any "thing(s)".
Don't worry about what you can and can't buy them or whether or not you're child has the best and newest gadgets. Don't worry about what other parents are doing for their children. Just focus on you and what you can do for your child with what you have.. Love them and cherish them because they won't remember the stuff you did for them but they will remember how you loved them.


  1. Love this. I have told myself this a lot lately. I contemplate doing home daycare just so we can have extra money. Then maybe we can get out of the old church parsonage that we don't love, and I can buy things anytime we want for our kids because we would have all this extra money. But I have been telling myself that there is a reason why I don't feel like I am supposed to work right now. Because I need to focus just on being a mom. When my kids grow up they won't think, "oh we lived in the old parsonage forever," but they will remember all the time we had. This is such a good reminder for me.

  2. I love this. I have such a hard time, especially with the spit, when my kids don't get the best things. I want them to be happy and I have a hard time remembering that even though they think this ___ will make them happy, there isn't a way to buy happiness. I want my girls to remember that even if I am not able to buy them all the stuff, that I love them and did as much as I could for them.


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