Thursday, March 13, 2014

The most important work

In Seventeen years Evelynne will be eighteen. She will be grown up into the woman God had created her to be. She will be beautiful, strong, confident and Jesus will be her everything.

Maybe she'll be going to college, traveling the world, fulfilling  her dreams or maybe even getting married to the man God has for her. *tear

In Seventeen years I do not want to have to admit that I could have done a better job as a mother.
 I don't want to wait until my daughter is grown to come into the realization that I was just getting by as a mom.

I want this calling on my life to come 3rd to God second to Marriage and before anything else. Ministry, friends or even "me time"

These seventeen years of my daughter being at home are years that need to be cherished, thought about, and taken advantage of because once they're gone that's it. My daughter isn't getting any younger and the time I have to teach her, raise her, discipline her,  encourage her and love her before she meets the world isn't getting any longer. In fact it's going to go by quicker then I can imagine.

Thinking that eighteen years of a child's life will go by slowly is a mistake that is made by many mamas.. And that is the #1 thing that they tell you when you're pregnant/new mama.

"It goes by fast so cherish them" 

These are the years I have to train, teach,disciple, and influence my baby girl. Years that I won't get back so I need to make the decision quickly.

"Will I spend 90 % of my time raising my daughter today or watching other people raise their kids on media and showing everyone how I raise my kids on media?"

I have made the decision today that while my daughter is awake and in my care I will not be affiliated with media (including texting)  Unless it's an emergency.

I don't want to be a mama who looks back and realized that  I had just  gotten by as a mama.

But I want to give this girl the best 18 years of her life teaching her and allowing Jesus to use me fully to shape Evelynne into the Woman of God she'll be.

I no longer want to compromise in motherhood but instead I want to be 100% after my daughter's (And future children's) heart. I want to show my love for them with my time and availability.

These are seventeen years I have with my daughter.. And maybe they won't go as fast as many say.. But I'm not taking the chance. This is my calling. I am 100% called to be a mom and if I'm lacking in my mothering how can I encourage other moms as well.. I can't.. I just can't. So I'm done compromising.

My girl comes first folks.. In ministry, blogging, and all that jazz. If I don't have time to get a post in because I was too busy loving on her and teaching her I'm sorry  I'm really not sorry but I do hope you understand.
                                                 Much love!

I am all in to go after my children’s hearts and their behavior. I want to love them practically; I want them to have me available. - See more at:

I am all in to go after my children’s hearts and their behavior. I want to love them practically; I want them to have me available. - See more at:
I am all in to go after my children’s hearts and their behavior. I want to love them practically; I want them to have me available. - See more at:


  1. It really does go by so fast. I realized today that when I have to renew my drivers' license next time, my daughter will be in the 5th grade! That's 6 short years away! That's just crazy to me!

  2. This is another great post, Heather. It's true that kids do grow up fast and the time we have with them is so precious. So often I see parents busy looking down at their phones or on their computer and they are missing valuable time with their children. I'm included in that. I've come to learn to put the phone and the computer away while my children are with me. Children need and deserve our attention. Cherish every moment with your child. My son is 6 and in kindergarten and he's being influenced by others while I'm not there to protect him and make sure he's okay. He comes home from school saying things that I wish he hadn't learned and then it becomes my job to correct him. Parenting isn't an easy job but these little ones need us.

    I can't say it enough. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her mother.

  3. Good for you Heather! I admire that and your little girl is so lucky! =)

  4. You have a very lucky child! I am working on not being on the computer so much when the girls are awake. It's helped I think.

  5. great post! I totally agree, people need to put the social media away when at the park. So often I see parents take their kids to the park and then just sit on their phone and not even really watch their kid. All while the kid is screaming Mom! Dad! look at what I'm doing! I promise not to be that Mom.

  6. Girl, this brought me to tears. You are so precious and your little girl should be more important then all the things you listed. And that quote about children being the most important work is priceless! Thanks for sharing girl!

  7. Sounds like an excellent policy! :-) I love taking photos with my phone, so sometimes I put it on airplane mode and then upload them later when he's napping.

  8. Great Post! There is nothing more valuable that we could give our children then Jesus and our time and love! I have to constantly remind myself that everything else can wait, but they can not because they are growing so fast!
    linked up with you at babies and beyond:) you can read my similar thouhts at


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