Friday, March 21, 2014

He's my future husband say whaat?

After all that excitement from the week before Leon and I decided to get some prayer from our Spiritual family at our Church  Bible study. I remember this night like it was yesterday because it was so amazing that it was too good to be happening.

After The Bible study was over our Bible Study teacher (Who is now our Pastor) Pastor Joe offered prayer and Leon and I quickly stood up and asked for prayer. Pastor Joe just finished laughing in the Spirit so he could seriously barely stand from God's anointing on him so he told two women Tammie and Krista who are my ladies to pray over us. While they were praying in tongues my friend Krista had the interpretation saying

"You guys will one day be one".

We all lost it there. Tears, I tell you tears. He was crying, I was crying, our friends were crying, and my sister in law was crying.

This was so strange, so fast and so... well, strange. I've only been on one date with this guy and The Lord prophesied Marriage over us. How awesome is that?

 After the Bible Study Leon and Ashley dropped me off. We were both so excited and instantly felt love towards each other. He looked back at me from the front seat and asked if he could hold my hand and that's what we did for the whole 40 minutes driving home.. Hand holding and making love eyes at each other.

That night Leon walked inside his house, sat on his stairs and just paused. When his mom came walking down she asked him what happened and he looked right up to her and said

"mama, I've found the one who I'm meant to marry".

Before our day ended Leon sent me the words I've been waiting for.

"Sweet dreams my future wife. I love you!"

And finally the emotions I've kept hidden for so long could finally come out and say "Leon, I love you too!"

Now before you start thinking that we fell too hard off of cloud nine let me explain the love we felt for each other. Our love for each other had nothing to do with each other. I mean I'm sure you can imagine that we barely knew each other after one date. Our love for one another is one hundred percent God inspired. He placed that love for each other inside our hearts and I'll have more on that in the future.

Come back next Friday to read part seven. :)
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  1. wow, that's all I can say. Amazing story so far.

  2. Chiiiiiiiiills! This story is killin' me in the best way!

  3. It's incredible. B/c the moment I saw my sweetheart Dec 6, 2013 I felt an instant connection. And he's the only one that I'm 100% comfortable around. And it feels great. Best of luck to you both.



  4. Ah, great story. Looking forward to the rest. :)

  5. Love love love love. I look forward to this series every week!

  6. I am loving reading your story.


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