Friday, March 7, 2014

Is it too late? {Our Journey Series}

After that night I was tired of feeling confused.. He either liked me or didn't so I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands and just ask the guy.. I figured that  the worst thing Leon could say was "no" and at least I would stop thinking about the man who had no thoughts towards me. So that night I did it.

"Hey Leon, How are you? I have a question for you that you don't have to answer if you don't want too!
So, I was just wandering, all that talk we had at Ocean City the other day were those just questions or something more?"

After those five minutes that felt like hours I finally got a response.

"Hey Heather! Hope you're doing well! I asked you those questions because I wanted to get to know you as a person. You are such a sweet girl who loves the Lord and I'm sorry if I led you on but I just want to be friends."

*Facepalm *Facepalm*  *Facepalm"

"Oh, okay! Totally understandable :) I'm so glad we can be friends and being friends is perfectly fine with me. =D"

That was the start of many texting nights and though I was humiliated a bit I'm glad I did ask him because then I knew that my hopes were not his so I could move on. I felt freed in a way and felt like I really could just be his friend if nothing else. And though my feelings never changed for him,
(I would have still married him in a second) My heart was changed.. It was no longer
"I want to marry Leon!"

 It was more of  "God bring the man you have for me because I'm done with looking".

The next Sunday night meeting was so different. I felt different and I was no longer nervous every time Leon walked in the room. Yes, I still had feeling for him but because he didn't for me I wasn't expecting anything but friendship. This time he walked right up to me and gave me the sweetest most genuine bear hug.. I could tell he literally felt bad for leading me on and boy did he smell ah-mazing! Darn you hunkalicious Leon!

Our night time texting was something we just did every night.. He would text me one night and some nights I would text him. We talked about everything! Jesus, politics, future, and our day to day experiences. We would text more than talk or even hang out at church and yet, people were starting to think Leon and I liked each other.
That July was my Graduation party.  I wanted to look my best so I got my cousin Sarah to do my make up professionally and I went out to buy a new dress.

Leon told me ahead of time that he might be there depending on whether or not he was working so when he actually showed up I was so surprised. As soon as he got out he told me how gorgeous I looked.. And the whole time I was thinking "friends Heather, We're just friends." "Thanks Leon!" I replied.

That day went wonderfully! He signed my 2010 dog with "Love Leon" and he sent me a text telling me how gorgeous I was. I felt so loved by him that day. It was great but I wasn't expecting anything by it.

A few Sundays later Leon came walking in with his friend (We'll call him Leon's friend, okay?) . who also happened to be a future youth pastor. Leon's Friend , Leon and I were sitting on the couch along with other kids from the church watching music videos and before I knew it I got a friend request from Leon's friend on facebook asking me if I wanted to see a movie? That week I was extremely busy so I told him
 "Maybe another time"?

I was super naive and never even thought of it as a date.. Just as two friends getting together to hang out so when he was commenting on a majority of my pictures telling me how pretty I was and looking for me at church I got the hint he wanted to be more than friends and so did Leon.

One Wednesday night when I wasn't there Leon's friend came looking for me. He then asked Leon where I was  and when Leon told him I wasn't there he immediately left.. Right after that Leon began to question himself.

All of a sudden he realized he had feelings for me after all!

But is he to late?

Have I made the decision to give up on Leon and settle for someone else?

  Have I decided I wanted to give Leon's friend a chance?

Come back next Friday and find out. :)

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  1. oh my gosh, I love love stories and so far yours is the best, I just read all of yours, love love love! You guys are too cute and I can't wait to hear the rest, do we have to wait till Friday?!

  2. I love reading your love story! Can't wait until next week!

  3. I am really loving reading your story. You really have a way with your words! I am sure your daughter will love reading this someday!

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying the read! :)

  5. oohhh man I just read all the parts to the love stry that you've posted so far and I can't wait until the next one! :)

  6. Girl you are so cute! I love the cliff hanger at the end! I'll be looking forward to next week ;)


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