Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The very Random Link up. 60 seconds vlogging style.

The very random Link up is not your ordinary link up. We will be doing topics different months.
Example: A vlogging month, about me month, and trying new recipes month.

One of my most favorite things about blogging is the relationships that come with it. the relationships that start out as a fellow blogger and turns into  a friend or even  a sister.

That is what these two ladies above have become in the last year. We've started out as fellow bloggers, to friends, to sisters and it is just so so amazing how God could use such a thing as blogging to bring us together. and we want that same relationship with you. That's why Sarah and I decided to start this fun random link up is because we wanted to find fun ways to get to know you and meet more of you! Will you join our very random community? 

 Each Month Sarah and I will pick a topic. It may be a vlogging month, a month of encouraging posts. anything. Some months we'll ask the questions and other months we just want to hear your thoughts and your heart. Have a topic or question  idea?  We'd love to hear it!

This Month's topic is:
Side not: Yes, I am the woman who always has the craziest thumbnail thank you very much! 

Also I shot this at 5am so forgive me for saying I prefer tea over lattes. I really didn't mean to lie ;) 

Also please forgive my weird camera lighting. Thanks!


Questions for  Today:
  •  1.The Hairstyle you regret the most?
  •  2. First pet you ever owned?

  • 3. What was the pets name?

  • 4.Something that always makes you laugh?

  • 5.  Your favorite meal?

  • 6. Strangest thing you've seen in an airport?

  •  7. A movie that you love but you'd prefer people not know you like it?

  • 8. Vanilla or Chocolate?

  • 9. Lazy river or Roller coaster?

  • 10. Beautiful  beach sunset or hills covered in snow?

  • 11. If you could go anywhere where would it be?

  • 12. Coffee, lattes or tea?

  • 13.Tea Parties or crazy dance parties?

  • 14. Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?

  • 15.Country or city?

Questions for next week:
Topic: Finish the sentence.

  • 1.I do _____ so much that they should have it named after me.
  • 2.  I would much prefer ____ over _____  
  • 3. I will never outgrow _______
  • 4.My worst habit is___ 
  • 5. My biggest pet peeve is___
  • 6. I am one of a kind because ____
  • 7. I feel Courageous when___
  • 8. I'm looking forward to ____ because _____



  1. Wait, you said tea to the question "coffee. lattes, or tea?" I thought you would say coffee based off your blog title. ;) btw, you are cute! I love watching your vlogs!

    1. ahhh I know! I saw and by the time I did I couldn't re-do it lol or should I say didn't want too ;)

      However, my excuse is I shot this 5am so I wasn't quite all there and clearly spoke some nonsense about me preferring tea over lattes.. however, lattes are #1!

  2. ok..you are the cutest thing ever. i loved hearing your answers & I'm just loving your blog!! and this is such a fun idea to do something fun each month!! I will have to try to join in!

    1. Aww thanks so much girl!! You are the sweetest! We'd sooo lvoe to have you :)

  3. This is such a fun idea! I loved your video. I will definitely be joining in on the fun!

  4. Nice post. I like the videos, Thanks for sharing


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