Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Gym. & Questions for The very random link up.

 Last week a friend and I took our sweet girls to The Baby's gym to check it out and we were both huge fans! I loved watching Evelynne explore mama having to tell her "no" Which has happened alot this winter because her boredom has increased her curiosity big time. Watching her climb on things, jump on the trampoline and run everywhere was just so exciting for me. Not only did I predict she would have a fantastic sleep when we got home but watching her be active in this couch potato world made me very happy. I didn't just see her running everywhere and jumping everywhere I saw her strength, her perseverance and her endurance for things. When she wants to do something she does it and I know that when she has a dream she'll reach it because that's her. She doesn't take "no" for an answer which as a mama that can be hard when I tell her "no" but once that ability is shaped in a positive I know big great things will happen. She's not going to be the type to just sit and watch other people live her dream but she's going to go live it herself and I can promise you that I will be her biggest supporter... Yea, I got a lot out of this whole gym experience.  I'm also very embarrassed to say that working out in a baby's gym made my legs rubbery... I totally blame for winter that!

And after along day.. I just love the sleep pictures.

Are you ready for tomorrow's Link up?? Here's what we're doing for the Month of March!
Each Tuesday we'll be vlogging and we have to answer as many as these questions as possible in 60 seconds!
Questions for Tomorrows Link up.

1.The Hairstyle you regret the most?

 2. First pet you ever owned?

3. What was the pets name?

4.Something that always makes you laugh?

5.  Your favorite meal?

6. Strangest thing you've seen in an airport?

 7. A movie that you love but you'd prefer people not know you like it?

8. Vanilla or Chocolate?

9. Lazy river or Roller coaster?

10. Beautiful  beach sunset or hills covered in snow?

11. If you could go anywhere where would it be?

12. Coffee, lattes or tea?

13.Tea Parties or crazy dance parties?

14. Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?

15.Country or city?


  1. Oh my gosh! She seems to be having SO much fun at the baby gym! I love bringing the kids I nanny to the little kid gym we have here. They sleep soooo good when we get home! ;)

    I loooove the idea for the month of March for your linkup! I have a post for tomorrow but will definitely be linking up with you & Sarah next week!!! =)

  2. She looks so adorable in her little pigtails!!! Such a big girl!

  3. She is beyond adorable! Glad she had fun and LOVE the way they sleep after a hard day of play. =)

  4. sweet sweet sweet! Looks like she had SO much fun :)

  5. This looks like a fun place! I need something like this near us for our ridiculously cold days and snow days!

  6. Heather, your little one is adorable :) she looks like she's having a blast.


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