Monday, January 5, 2015

My year of 2014 according to my phone. :)

I can't believe we've finally hit 2015! 2014 was a special year due to the fact my sweet Liya was born. However, it was also a year of struggle, hardship, questions, and grieving. 

I'm ready to see it go.

Because I know this year will be greater! I feel such a peace in my Spirit that this year will be full of blessing, restoration, and freedom! 

I know this year Leon will be leaving his police career that has caused such stress in our family and we'll be fulfilling our  calling in full time Ministry. YAY! 

My word for this year is "Weakness" and here's why. :)

Now some sweet memories from 2014.
The most viewed posts this year.
 1. Our first snow of 2014// 
2. First set of wheels// 
3. Sneaking up the stairs//
 4. Outside time//
1. & 2. Outside  time.
3.Valentines day.
4.Drinking out of a straw.

1. Learning to color with crayons
2. Baby gym time
3. Enjoying our warmer weather walk.
4. At Grammy's (my mom's)  Farm.
1 & 2 park with daddy.
3. Easter
4. I found  out  we were pregnant with Liya.
1. My Birthday fruit from hubby. 
2. We made our pregnancy announcement.
3.Baby's first sono pic
4. A nice spring walk before the morning sickness took over. 

1,2 &4Leon and Evelynne putting together a space rocket!
3. Date night with the husband to go see Andrew Wommack Live.
1,2,4 Outside playtime in our neighborhood.
3. Fun at the Amish store after my pregnancy appointment.

1 New do and 20 weeks pregnant.
2. Styling in the sunshine.
3. On our way to a sonogram to find out the gender of our sweet babe.
4. Praying over our sweet Daughter by name.
 1. Outside play.
2. Making donuts for the first time.
3. Fall baking with Little Love.
4.thirty weeks along.
5. Starwars play
6. Picnic with hubby to Five guys and enjoying the water.
1. Going for a wagon ride.
2. October leaves.
3. Prego update.
4.Daddy at the park with Evelynne.
5. Leaving Evelynne overnight for the first time to go to a conference in P.A
6. Watching "The Great Pumpkin" With Grammy.
7. First night in the Big girl bed.

1. Family Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
2. Watching TV with my little Love.
3. She's TWO!
4. Thanksgiving crafting.
1.Leon is a Licensed Pastor as of December 7th!
2. 40 weeks prego!
3. Liya Evangeline was born!
4. Best Christmas so far!

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