Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tips on keeping a daily schedule when you're a mom.

I love living in routine. I love having my week, meals and plans all written out before the new week begins. I love being organized in that way because if I don't I'm usually all over the place and knowing I have things to do but not sure wear to start. I feel like I really need routine as a Mama. Not just for my sake but for my kids too! My sweet Evie bear has a independent spirit. She loves having an idea of what's going to happen next and if  we're out of routine gets really cranky and bored because she doesn't know what to expect. I've also noticed her mood is so much happier when we're on a schedule because mama knows what's she's doing too!

However, Since becoming a Mom, planning my days and sticking to them can be quite difficult some days. Not just because my  little ones are unpredictable but somedays I just don't feel like doing laundry today or mopping the floors. I'd rather sit, eat cookies and watch "Moms night out". Have you seen it?! She reminds me so much of myself. HEHE!

Anyways, here is a list of ways I help myself keep to a schedule during the week with babies.

1. Get up earlier and spend time with The Lord//
If you can of course! Before I was pregnant with Liya bear I used to get up at 4:00am every morning and spend time with my Main Man. I would get up, put some make up on and get dressed while having my worship session. I already felt awake and empowered before leaving my room with a good  mindset.
Afterwards I would make a healthy breakfast, with a nice cup of coffee and read the word and pray in the quiet. By the time Evelynne woke up I was ready for her to be awake and I was ready to start the day.

Now due to the fact I have a newborn who is still waking up at night I don't always wake up at 4. Right now my goal wake up time is 5-5:30Am to spend time with Jesus and I'm slowly working my way back to 4 because 5-5:30 really isn't enough time for me because Evelynne is an early bird so some days I'll wake up and she'll start calling for me the second I'm dressed.

2.Speak life over your day//
Have you heard the verse "Life & death is in the power of the tongue?" It's truth Mama. I've found that when I wake up declaring that "today" is going to be a great and productive day that it really becomes so.  But when I think to myself that I'm way too tired to face the day and I'll just stay in jammies and wait for tomorrow then that's exactly the day I get. A wasted day.

3. They're more like guidelines anyways//
As captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean would say. :) 
I was talking to Leon one day about my scheduling and he mentioned to me "What happens if your day doesn't go as planned?" I  responded "Well, as Captain Barbossa would say "They're more like guidelines."
Previously my daily planning and following those plans in order was a must! If I didn't follow through to every duty on that list I failed. My day was ruined. I know now that wasn't the greatest mindset of a scheduler because really, it doesn't all go as planned. Especially when you're a mom.  Some days you can help it. some days you can't. Just like kids, even days can be unpredictable. 
So, my daily schedule & food menu that I have hanging on my fridge are more like my guidelines. They're more like ideas of what I want my days this week to look like and if I want to be flexible and change my mind about doing laundry today and do it tomorrow knowing I will do it and I'll have enough time why not? Just make sure you do it!  

4. Be realistic// It's great to set big goals but don't get carried away in doing so in one day. Make sure you know you can get everything you have written done and that you have enough time in the day to do them. That was a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

5. Grace days// 
Be okay with Grace days! Meaning if something like this happens:

And your toddler breaks all the eggs and quickly starts to break out since she has a reaction to plain eggs... yea.. It was a grace day. What was supposed to be my cleaning day turned out to be a cuddle with your toddler on the couch and eat much chocolate day. You just gotta.

Those are some things that I personally find helpful when it comes to keeping your days as routine as possible with little ones. I hope it helps you! 

 In what ways do you keep a daily schedule possible with little people? 

 Now if you excuse me I'm gonna go get a cookie. =D


  1. I don't have any children yet... but in life it is so true that sometimes you just have to let go of your plans and make moments instead! I've nominated you and your blog for a Liebster award. Follow this link for the instructions & answer these 11 Questions:

    1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

    2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

    3. What is your biggest challenge in blogging?

    4. What is your favorite thing to cook?

    5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

    6. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

    7. What would be your dream job now?

    8. What is your favorite meal to order at a restaurant?

    9. What is your favorite dessert?

    10. What is your favorite holiday?

    11. What would your dream date night include?

    xoxo Brenley

  2. I like the part about speaking life over your day. I choose to speak life on a daily basis.

  3. Oh the eggs...that looks like a mess. I haven't done that. But I have broken a glass or plate one too many times. Tiny glass shards all over. Not fun.

    Great reminder to give yourself grace! I also like to start the day with the Lord and keep a realistic to-do list.


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