Monday, January 26, 2015

Liya's One Month.

I can't believe I'm writing this all ready! Is my baby really one month so soon? Mamas did say it goes by way faster with the second one. I just didn't realize how fast until today. I feel like it was only about a week ago when they placed her on my chest and I was an awe once again and reminded of just how loved I am by my Father & King. *Swoon. 

Liya turned a One Month on the 20th. So this post is a wee bit late. However, It won't be next time.. I hope. =D

Liya Evangeline's Month update.
Dearest Liya, 
You've made us a family of four and I must say that now we can't even picture life without you. You are such the perfect addition to the our family. You are perfect in every way. I just love watching you and kissing you. I love looking at you and thanking God that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. 
I look forward to watching you grow as you start to figure things out and become fascinated by the world around you. I look forward to watching you get lost in the beauty of what so many see every day and it becomes so ordinary for them. I look forward to seeing them in your beautiful eyes and be captivated by the beauty once again. I can't even tell you how incredibly blessed and humbled I feel to be your Mama. I pray every day that not one day will be taken for granted. You're too precious.

Liya's One Month update:
Nicknames: Liya Bear & Liyla (given to her by Evelynne haha.) Also,  Sweetpea #2 given to her by Gandma and Pumpkin from her Auntie Ash.

Liya Loves:
 -The great outdoors. We don't go out there too often because we're in cold January but every once in a while we're in 40-50 and my Evelynne needs to get outside because she gets cabin fever. Liya loves it and sleeps for hours after we come back in. That good old fresh air!

-Being held and rocked along with changing positions here and there. She doesn't like to sit still for too often and she loves to see everything.

Liya doesn't like:
 Being changed.
 Waiting to eat.
Getting dressed.

Clothing size:
She was only in NB for a short time and grew so speedily and now she's in 0-3 and 3 Months! I may have teared a bit while putting away her NB.

Diaper size:
She's in size 1
 New things you experienced this month:
With this Liya's first month she has experienced all of her "firsts". First time looking at her Mama and Daddy, first kiss, first hug, first time meeting Big sister, first feeding, first Bath. Such a special and exciting month that I will treasure always.


  1. She is just gorgeous, mama! It really does go SO fast with the second. Enjoy that beautiful baby girl!


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