Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Liya's One week old!

I can't my sweet Liya is over a week old already! How can this be? She was actually a week old on the 27th of December however, I'm just glad I could find the time in my busy schedule to write her a one week post ;)

Liya is exactly how I pictured her to be. I saw a little calm angelic of a girl and that's exactly how I would describe her. As precious as can be!

She's so calm and quiet and sleeps literally all the time. Pretty much the only complaint I have is that almost every time I change her, right when I'm finished she decides she wants to go again! lol. Leon and I both agree that we think we go through many more diapers with this little one than we did with Evelynne.
I feel like the first week is the hardest week. Full of adjustments, lack of sleep, strong coffee, a toddler who loves her little sister but doesn't understand why mommy has to sit more than usual and can't pick her up and being forced to hand over the reigns of the home over to the husband for the time being so you can get your rest. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that my wonderful husband is cooking us dinner, cleaning the house and getting up with Evelynne. I just miss doing it strangely. I guess now that I'm no longer pregnant and our newest daughter is finally here I want to take over the world!! Or just my house that is. ;)
However, I also feel like the first week is the most special. It's where Liya experienced most of her "firsts" Her first breathe, her first time being held and loved on by Mama and Daddy, Meeting everyone who loves her more than she will ever know, first diaper change, car ride, bath, feeding, being outside, doctor appointment. I'm pretty sure she experienced all  of the firsts she can until the major things like rolling over and crawling!
Dearest Liya,
I can't believe you are already one week old! This first week has went by super fast but I'm enjoying every minute. Even the late night feedings because it's the only time when it's just you and me. I just love to look at you during that time and pray for you. I love watching your eyes, kissing your face and just loving on you!

This week you have been such a quiet and calm baby. You have really been enjoying your sleep and you only wake up pretty much to eat and be changed and that's really the only time you cry too! We really couldn't have asked for a easier baby.

Your big sister Evelynne is so in love with you! She wants to hold you every morning and she stops what she's doing often to come and give you a kiss. You guys are already besties! 


  1. Such a sweet post! I can't wait to see how Lily transitions into the role of big sister. She is pretty excited as of now. Hoping that streak will continue once baby arrives. :)

  2. This is so sweet! She is precious. And I love that Evelynne loves her so much already. They are totally going to be besties. Congrats, Mamma! You look great. I'm praying for your family as you all continue to adjust!

  3. This is too sweet! They look like bestie, for sure. So you've made it through 2 weeks with 2 littles. How're you feeling?

  4. What sweet sweet girls you have!! Thank you for sharing & I am enjoying your blog!


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