Monday, January 19, 2015

An update on my big two year old.

Did I just say two??? It's still so hard to believe my sweet Evelynne is two! I do feel like she went from this:
 To this:
rather quickly. to quickly if you ask me. However, I'm reminded that them growing is a good thing because it makes us mamas treasure these moments even more and cherish them. Knowing that it will be over oh so quickly.

I think I'm done doing monthly updates for this sweet girl! However, I'm still doing updates for her here and there. Because there's still and will be so many things I want to remember about this sweet girl. The silly & beautiful things she does and continues to do. 

We had our first snow last week of the season. It was so wonderful this year because as I had hoped she loved it!! We weren't out for too long because it was so cold and we didn't have all the snow gear we needed but for the ten minutes we were out there it was a blast! And we afterwards enjoyed some hot chocolate of course! I think just like the holidays, snow days are so much more fun when you're a mama.
Evelynne is loving her role as a big sister! Every morning she asks where "baby" is. I feel like Liya will be called "baby" by her loving sister for the rest of her life. She is the best big sister ever and Liya has no flaws in Evelynne's eyes. She just gets mad at me if I can't play or hold her whenever she wants however, I'd much rather her be mad at me then Liya.

Whenever Liya cries she runs to me saying "Mama! Uh Oh!! And runs back to Liya immediately trying to give her the Binky.

The other day Leon even caught her trying to read her a story. It was the cutest!

Evelynne's update at 2 years.
Evelynne Loves: Minni Mouse, Baby dolls, Being a big sister, spending time with Daddy and wrestling with him, being around other kids, going outside, hot chocolate, Mama's tea, reading, dancing, church, doing anything artsy, and watching tv.

Favorite foods: Yogurt, gummies, cookies, oranges, apples, frozen blueberries, Oatmeal, applesauce, smoothies, cheese, pizza, pasta and green goodness Bolthouse drinks.

Foods she doesn't fancy: 
Pretty much anything that doesn't satisfy her sweet tooth :( Which is why I make her lots of smoothies and I tell  her  often that she has to eat her veggies before she gets desert. She's been quite picky lately.
Evelynne doesn't like: 
 She still doesn't like being told "No" However, she's taking it so much better!

Potty Training: 
We may be starting that process sooner then we thought! As of a few weeks ago our little Evelynne has been taking off her diaper! Which I hear is a pretty big sign she's ready. Mamas Advice, please!??

Big girl Bed: 
 She still loves it and is sleeping so much better and without a fight.. I honestly think she hated the crib because she felt boxed in.
What's new this month:
Her communication is improving day by day! The only thing she signs now is "Eat" but other then that she's communicating and talking.

She's letting herself out of her room now so I always have to make sure I'm up before her.

Potty training is coming up on us shortly.

Dearest Evelynne.
You're seriously the coolest kid I know.. & I'm not just saying that because you're my kiddo. I love you oh so much and life would just be so boring without you. From the toddler tantrums and being just fun and loving. My life is never boring.

I love who you are and the girl you're growing into. You're such a sweetheart and you're full of compassion and love for others. You also love making friends young or old. You're my social butterfly.

I'm so excited to watch you grow and living the  life God has for you. I'm so glad you love Him with all of your heart already. And I'm so blessed to know that your Little sister Liya has an amazing and adventurous big sister to look up to and follow.

You're such a strong spirited little girl! And you're gonna go far! I'm excited to see the difference you're gonna make in this world!

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  1. She has grown so much! Can't wait to meet the new baby.


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