Monday, January 12, 2015

Liya's Birth story. part 2.

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Within about ten minutes before getting to the hospital the pushing started to happen.. I couldn't help myself. My body was naturally pushing and I was freaking out! Praying that I wouldn't have this baby in the car.

We finally got there and while Leon was planning on going in there to grab someone I doubted we had the time for that so I got out of the car and tried to go with him however, that resulted to me collapsing right outside the door screaming.

Leon freaking out runs into the emergency room yelling "My wife's in labor and is pushing!"

So the E.R staff runs towards us with a wheel chair and takes me into the next private room. They wanted to make sure they had enough time to get me to the Labor and Delivery center and they mistakenly thought I had enough time.
As they were running my up to the second floor a Nurse met us there half way and said "This girl is going to have her baby now!" So they ran me even faster up there, while demanding I stopped pushing but it was the hardest thing in the world not too.

The whole way down I begged for a epidural but it was too late. Too late for a epidural, for an IV, for anything. I wasn't even checked in. But that didn't stop me from begging politely asking for something until Leon gently said with tears in his eyes "baby, it's too late for that. You're about to have the baby".
As soon as we got into the first room of the labor and delivery. They put me on the bed and finally I was good to push! About one minute later or even that Liya Evangeline quickly entered the world quietly at 7lbs and 12.oz. She barely even whimpered when she came out and she fell right to sleep when they put her on my chest.
 I was madly in love instantly.

I had a two degree rip however that was it and both of us were healthy and doing great!

I was there all day Saturday and we got to go home Sunday afternoon. They wanted me to stay til Monday but I just couldn't do it! I was ready to be home and I missed my other little love way too much to stay another second.

Sunday was one of the most precious and memorable days for our family of four. There's just something so special when two sisters meet for the first time.

I will never forget that moment when Daddy walked in with our sweet Evelynne saying "Mama! Mama!" And quickly noticing the baby and saying "Baby! Baby!" She wanted to hold her right away and she's still like that today. She demands to hold her little sister every morning. I honestly don't think Liya could have a better and more attentive big sister.


  1. How crazy it went so fast for you!! This is precious! I hope Jase is as excited to meet his baby sister, I am not quite sure he will understand though.

  2. What an amazing story! Love all the pics! She is absolutely precious!

  3. You have a beautiful family! You are greatly blessed. Love Ya

  4. Girlie - this is SUCH a sweet story to read! It may have happened super fast, but I'm so glad everything went well. And how great of a big sister is Little Evelynne? Adorable!

    Your girls are TOO too cute and I'm so happy for you, momma!


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