Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Years.

These are two of my favorite wedding pictures because they describe our relationship perfectly!
We're so playful towards each other yet, sensitive and and loving too! 

He's my bestest friend and we were married three years on December 23rd.
Leon and I have had a very productive three years of marriage. Married for three years and created two little humans that we couldn't love more! We celebrated our three years by taking our little loves to Starbucks drive through and sharing a cookie with our daughter and hurrying home considering Liya eats every 15 minutes. 

We obviously couldn't do much more then that considering I gave birth a few days prior.. Man November and December is a busy year for us.  

But it was so wonderful and memorable! We were even blessed by the person in front of us in the drive through who paid for our drinks and cookie! 

They didn't know who we were.

They didn't know it was our anniversary.

They didn't know we were sleep deprived and had a three day old infant crying in the back seat.

But I do know this person was a God send! 

So we had the opportunity to  bless the person behind us.

Such a amazing way to celebrate our three years.

Happy (late) Three years my love!! May we forever live life as Newlyweds. :D

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