Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evelynne's 19 Month update.

Evelynne's 19th Month update.
Evelynne is now saying:  Again, Uh- oh, what's that?, Amen, and she finally told me "no", She is also doing monkey noises, and is signing like a pro. Signing was really the best thing Leon and I decided to do for her. It has helped her vocabulary so much! So far she has a total of eight words I believe.

    Nicknames: Evie,  Little love, Princess, Big sister.

Favorite activities// Playing Peek-a-boo//Swimming// When daddy comes home and chases her around the house// Being read too// Dancing to music// Praying// Doing the moves for The wheels on the bus and the  ensy weensy spider// walks// playdates//drawing//painting//chalk// playing at the tiny beach next to our house.

Evelynne doesn't like: Being told "no"//Timeouts//Getting her diaper changed.

Favorite foods:
Cheese// oranges// grapes// Kix// Fruit snacks// chicken off the grill// French fries// Carrots// Green smoothies.

She has been going to bed around 6 and waking up at 6 which worked great for me pre-pregnancy because I'm a early bird anyways however, being pregnant mornings have been hard so we have been trying to create a new schedule for her to go to bed later and waking up later. Last night we made it to 8:30pm and she woke up at 7:30 which made the start to our day so much brighter. She is also getting much better at going down. Now I just do my thing with her and as long as she has her favorite book, bear and worship in the background she'll usually go right to sleep.

What you learned how to do this month:
You pray with us now! When we say "Evelynne time to pray". You put your hands together and start talking. It's so adorable. You are also really improving on your jumping and running skills. You've also started school (at home) We do different topics on different days. You love the "Your baby can read" series that you watch for school on Mondays.
Things that took place this month:
 Evelynne had to go to the hospital due to a nut allergy. According to the nurse it was really severe. She had to get two shots in the leg and needed an IV and she had to stay over night. My heart could not have cried more for my sweet girl. Seeing her uncomfortable was bad enough but having to watch her go through all that was so heartbreaking. The nurses were so wonderful though and even gave Evelynne a cute Pillow pet bear that she still loves to this day.We took her to see an allergist yesterday for a three and a half hour testing and we found out she has a severe reaction to cashews and pistachios.

 We had the fun pleasure of going to The Amish Store with my mom. We all love it so much there and Evelynne takes fancy to the shakes.

We took Evelynne strawberry picking and she loved it!! It's such a fun family tradition. We went in the beginning of June so a majority of the strawberries were already gone but we had so much fun.

 I love the person my girl is turning into. She's such a independent, loving and hilarious girl.


  1. My goodness how scary that is about the nut allergy!

  2. She's so ridiculously cute it's not even funny! But those hospital pictures just break my heart.

  3. Oh, nut allergies are so scary! Glad to hear she's ok. That would have broken my heart too. Poor baby! And poor mama!

  4. She's precious! That is so so scary about her nut allergy. Found via Mommy Moments.


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