Wednesday, July 23, 2014

18 weeks update with Baby bear #2

Dearest Little one, This pregnancy feels like it's starting to fly by! Though your big sister may have something to do with that because I'm chasing her everywhere. I'm excited to be able to do that with you too! Wow eighteen weeks. I'm getting more and more excited and we thank God for you my sweet child every day. 

I just know that God has such amazing plans for your life and that He will bless you with every desire of your heart. Y0u are going to touch so many lives all for the glory of God.  

I'm going to get a sonogram soon so I'll get to see your sweet face again. Last time you were kicking and smiling so I'm excited to see what you'll do for us this time! Plus it's about the time when we'll get that gender confirmed. YAAY!

You are so healthy and your growing so fast! I feel like my stomach gets a little bigger every few days.

I'm so blessed and honored to be your mama sweet baby cub! And I hope I show that to both you and your sister Evelynne every day.  

You're gonna go far, kiddo! 

xoxo- Mama bear. 


Baby R's Stats!

Baby's size:  5.6 in // weight  6.7 oz 

How far along:
18 weeks!!

Sleep: Sleep has been much better these last couple of days. For the most part I'm actually waking up nice and refreshed.

Maternity Clothes: My body is going through the awkward pregnancy stage. I'll probably bring out my maternity clothes soon.

Food cravings: I'm starting to love my usual healthy foods again. I'm so grateful for that due to the fact that the second trimester starvation has started. For breakfast I ate a bowl of cheerios, greek yogurt and whole wheat toast.. with coffee!!! I never eat that much so I feel like I ate a lot! Other then that. I'm still craving Italian white pizza, and pizza with goat cheese.
Food aversions:
I've recently discovered that the #7 chick-fil-a  grilled chicken and I are officially broken up. It used to be my favorite sandwich there but the last two times I went there it has made me nauseous. I'm liking the fried though and so is Evelynne. I think she would always prefer fried though. I'm just that mean mama who gets her the grilled.. Can't do that now that I'm eating fried because I don't want to be a hypocrite. ;)

Symptoms I HAVE: The morning nausea still visits now and then, and lately I've been dealing with my leg going out on me. I had that problem with Evelynne too but walks always seem to help. 

Doctor’s Appointment: I had one two weeks ago  and I got to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time!! My heart is captivated once again :)

Movement: Feeling movements mostly when I'm laying down. Loving it! I can't wait until Leon can feel it.

Belly Button: Innie but it's starting to look like a pregnant innie.

Best moment of the week:
Watching Evelynne feed a baby doll with the bottle.... She's going to be such a great big sis!

What I’m looking forward to:
Going to my gender sonogram!!! I'm making the appointment today.

What I miss: Having the energy to wake up early in the morning. Man I was so much more put together when I did that.

  Big sister:  Evelynne is going to be such a good and protective big sis! She's learning to throw diapers away and picking things up! She is also slowly starting to like dolls!

            Pregnancy Comparison.

Evelynne Lorain                                                                      Newest Little love

It looks like to me I'm carrying lower this time around. What are your thoughts? Sorry that my bump is so hard to see with the dark purple dress.. It's now my "no baby bump picture" dress. ;)


  1. So exciting, you look fabulous! Am loving the pixie cut, you pull this look off so well.

    Antoinette x
    Between the lines

  2. You are an absolutely adorable pregnant lady! Beautiful!

  3. You're so precious! I've always wondered what a second pregnancy would be like :) love experincing it through others :) Keep up the bumpdates!


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