Thursday, July 10, 2014

The one year & Beyond Link up is back!

 EEEK! I'm so excited to be apart of this once again with some amazing mamas! And I'm so beyond excited about our topics. Especially the one for this week  
"Keeping your marriage alive with a toddler"

I think this may be one topic and blog post that we can all take from each other because you can never have too much wisdom on keeping your marriage alive and fresh. Especially after kids.

Here are some ways my husband and I work daily on keeping our marriage alive.

We pray together and for each other// I'd have to say that this is the most effective one for us. I've realized that when I'm praying for/with my husband it's so much easier to feel connected to him not just spiritually but physically too! I don't know about you but I find my husband super attractive  when he prays!

Make some love faces// Sex. Seriously, I feel like topics on sex should be spoken about so much more often on Christian blogs.. Not that I'm a creeper or anything however, So many do not see sex as a gift from God to Married couples and we should be very excited to talk about it. Keeping sex alive after the kids are born can be difficult at times especially when you're a new parent and as they get older they get more busy and so do you. Leon and I try to take one day a week to spice up our sex life. It not only brings us closer, more in love but it's also a huge stress reliever!

Keep dating// I really believe that dating each other is more important now then ever because when you're a parent you can easily get so wrapped up in your kids that you eventually lose interest in not only yourself but your spouse as well. I deeply encourage dating and make it fun and different. Remind each other of why and how you fell in love in the first place. Ask each other fun questions and serious ones. And if there's no way of getting out have a date night after the kids go to bed.

I was a Wife before I was a Mama// This is probably my hardest one. When my days are all about Evelynne and her needs it's hard to remember sometimes that I was Leon's wife before I was Evelynne's mama. And He should always come first to me.  Remembering to write him love letters, make his lunch before work, to kiss him before he leaves and when he comes home and just being there for him and to love on him when he needs me to speaks more volumes to him more then I probably even know because it shows him that he's still first. 

One Year and Beyond is back!!  We just couldn't stay away from this awesome toddler series.  We've gotten so much positive response so far.  Motherhood can be difficult especially with a toddler at home.  So we're here to talk toddler issues, mom to mom.  We've got a great group of mamas who are offering their advice on getting through those challenging times with their child.  Be sure to check out their blogs and then link up your own post on the topic with us below!
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  1. YES! Great tips, and thank you for mentioning the sex aspect, I didn't want to because my parents and in laws read my blog. I wish I were more open about that stuff! I agree that it is so important, I like that you guys set aside one day a week to spice things up, I think my husband and I could benefit fromt hat!

    Thanks for hosting this link up ! :)

  2. This is wonderful! I pinned your blog and a few others. You guys have some really great ideas. =)

  3. Great advice! Sometimes it's hard to remember we were wives before moms, especially when our little ones need so much attention and husbands can take care of themselves.

  4. You've given some really great advice here! Especially the part about continuing to date your spouse!

  5. Great post! Praying together is so true. I have a friend that often reminds me, "it's hard to kick each other when you're on your knees". I couldn't agree with all of this more.

  6. I can't believe I forgot to add sex onto mine! So important! Because a sexless marriage doesn't lead anywhere good.

  7. Why is it that sometimes I need a reminder of how important it is to pray with and for each other?! The times that Eric or I pray for each other, it truly brings us closer together! We need to make it a top priority to pray together everrrrry day!


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