Thursday, July 24, 2014

How sign Language has helped our daughter communicate.

I've always been a fan of teaching babies sign language. Some say it hinders them from speaking at all but I disagree when the words are said with the sign.

I started doing signs with Evelynne when she was around five months but stopped soon after because I thought she was going to start talking on her own soon enough because she was so advanced in everything else but it came to my surprise when her 1st Birthday came and went and she couldn't say anything yet other then "dog" here and there.. Not "Mama" or "Dada" or even "No" which I was certain she'd pick up quickly.

I'm not gonna lie I was a bit concerned because all of her little friends were talking and some could even have small conversations while my girl still babbled. I wondered if I was doing it wrong, or if I needed to start saying more words to her and trying harder to make her say them. I even considered putting her in classes. But after a few mamas reminded me that children learn to speak at different times and not all of them are early talkers. That made me cool down a bit.

So after the thirteen month mark and still with no words and a lack of patience because she was constantly trying to tell us what she wanted. Leon and I decided to bring back the sign language and it was really one of the best decisions we've made so far.

We started out with simple signs like "please" & then we went to "eat" & "drink" and then we did "more"  And the more we signed with her while saying the words with that sign the more she got the hang of it. She was signing like a pro!

What sign language did for Evelynne.
-It taught her that there are better ways and quicker ways to get what you want without whining.
 - It taught her how to communicate more effectively.
- It's teaching her to pronounce words and it's meaning as we show her the sign and say it.
- It has helped her to realize that she won't go far with whining.
-It has helped her to understand not only what we're saying but she knows what she's saying too!
Baby Einstein - My First Signs 

This video has probably been the most helpful tool for teaching Evelynne Sign language. She loves the music and it was so easy for her to take in.

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  1. We use sign language too. It is so nice because they can still ask for something or tell you something without whining. Which of course, I much prefer to the whining :)

  2. We are loving signing, too! Just using a book, though, we'll have to check out your DVD!

  3. Love this!! We never really taught Mia sign language and I'm totally kicking myself for it now!

  4. Yes! Sign language has helped our family out so much! I'm going to watch check out the Baby Einstein First Signs video when my son wakes up from his nap :)

    Amy @


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