Monday, July 21, 2014

You're 20 months, Kid!

Evelynne's 19th Month update.

    Nicknames: Evie,  Little love,Sweet pea, munchkin, Princess, Baby Bear. (Because she's been cuddling with mama much more then usual.) *swoon
Favorite activities// This girl has been running. She loves doing it. When we go for our walks she loves to run to each tree and play peek-a-boo! My heart melts at this girl.  Though on a downside to this running passion Evelynne thinks it's funny now to run away from Mommy.. It has been testing this mamas patience. It sure is a good thing God gives us an over flowing supply of it. She also is loving to paint, smell flowers, look at bugs and play in the sand at our beach.

Evelynne doesn't like: Being told "no"//Timeouts//Getting her diaper changed. You know, the usual.

Favorite foods:
fruit snacks// Carrots// Pizza// Cheerios// Fruit pouches// cheese crackers// All fruits//  Ice cream// green smoothies

We changed her sleeping schedule and started putting her to bed at 8:00pm. It has been so great because she's falling asleep much faster at night and she doesn't normally wake up until 7:30-8:00. By that time I am ready to get our day started. We both seem to fancy this schedule much better then our previous one.
What you learned how to do this month:
Her new words this month are "Tweet, Tweet", "Quack quack", "Night night" (ni ni), "Bye,bye" (be be) and "Hot" (hiech) A total of 11 words now including animal sounds. Her newest "signing word is "bug" though she doesn't need to sign it to let me know one's in the room. The girl hates creepy crawlers.. I wonder where she gets it?? *facepalm

Things that took place this month:

Your Fourth of July was a blast! We went over to our friends house for Burgers and other yummies but you ditched every kind of food and just ate five pieces of watermelon instead. People were amazed by your watermelon eating skills.... And you don't like fireworks, yet.
We have been going on lots of walks lately and you are loving every second. I love how curious about life and adventure you are getting. You want to stop and smell every flower we pass by, you want to touch every bug we pass unless it's a big one then you're a bit terrified, you like to touch every tree, and wave at everything as we pass by. I just love you. You constantly remind me daily to slow down and smell the roses.
We've been loving all the thunderstorms we've been getting. Lots of paintings and colorings on the fridge.
We went berry picking!!! And you ate about half of the berries we picked. Blueberries and raspberries. It was so much fun! Minus the heat (blah!) It made us both tired and it made you grumpy ;)

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  1. She is so big!! And just as adorable as ever! I meant to tell you that I'm totally digging your new haircut. So cute! ;)


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