Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our favorite summer toddler activities

Our summers here can be quite miserable if you don't have anything planned. If it's not humid out it's most likely raining (or both!) I love rain but hate humidity. So Evelynne and I try to keep ourselves busy and do our best to make summer fun!! Out of curiosity, am I the   only one craving Pumpkin Spice Frappachinos??? Okay lets get back to my summer post. ;)

Here are some activities Little Love and I do together and I can't wait to read yours and hopefully get some more ideas!!

1. Go berry picking// I love picking fruit and going to farmers markets. It's so much fun and I feel like it's introducing Evelynne at a young age to where fruit and veggies come from. It was always a tradition I wanted so when I started a family with my hubsters we decided berry picking was a great tradition. It's also so much fun to do it with good friends.

2.Mall// This is an all year fun thing to do but particularly in summer/winter you will find us here a lot! Maybe near a starbucks. ;)

3. Beach time// We have a little beach where we live that Evelynne loves to go too. It was my favorite place to spend time with Jesus when I was pregnant with her so watching that place be one of her favorite places to go and play makes me so happy. It brings back so many memories of me being down there through out my pregnancy with her. She loves playing in the sand and sitting in the water.

4. Making smoothies & Popsicles// umm fun! & healthy.

Going swimming// If not our favorite activity it's in our tops. Especially when there's watermelon involved. :)
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  1. There is nothing better than fresh watermelon and the pool!

  2. Man I cannot go the mall because I'm in serious danger of buying everything!

  3. Oh I hate the humidity as well!! It's so dry where I live which is miserable in the winter... but makes our hot summers so much more bearable!
    I would looooove to take Mia berry picking! So fun!!

  4. I'm loving your party! Thank you for hosting. Please come and party with us tonight at 7 pm. We would love to have you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


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