Thursday, June 26, 2014

How I try to make bedtime fun for my Evie.

For the past almost two years Leon and I have felt like bedtime was always a battle.. We had a goal to make Evelynne so tired that she'd just fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow but still to this day that has only happened a very few times. I've always dreamed of being that mom that could rock and sing her child to sleep but Honestly Evelynne would rather get up and dance if I tried to sing to her. She's like an everlasting battery that doesn't like to go down for the night. So we decided that Evelynne has a bedtime and she has to go to bed rather she likes it or not. Some days she cried and other days she screamed. I've had people tell me I'm doing the right thing and I've had others tell me I should just let her stay up until she's tired. But this is what Leon and I thought was best. We highly believe in boundaries and bed time was one of them. So even though bedtime usually ends with darkness before the light. Leon and I do try our hardest to make our way getting to the crib a fun experience.

Usually about an hour or two before Evelynne's bedtime we like to play games with her. Like chasing her around the house or let her walk when we go on evening walks to get at least some energy out of her system. And unless it's a special occasion we don't usually give her any sugar before bed. (We'd be asking for trouble!)  Then we give her a bath, let her play in her room for a bit and then it's bed time. I say a fun active prayer with her that ends with tickling and I give her a book to look at until she falls asleep. She's getting better and better but to be honest I am still in no way comfortable with putting her in a toddler bed with no bars!

I honestly cannot believe that we reached the end of our series!! I hope all of you wonderful mamas have enjoyed these series as much as I have. We all loved these series so much that we are now working on round two! So stay tuned :)

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  1. You're doing a good job mama. Boundries are definitely good. Exctly what I said, you're the parent you make the rules and they follow. You know if they are tired, if my son had any thing to say about it he would never sleep, which obviously can't happen. So stick with just putting her to bed at the same time...:)

  2. You are such a great mama!!! WOW!! Amazing lady!! :) I am learning so much from you to store away for the future! :)
    :) Rebecca

  3. I have found that having a routine really helps. Little ones seem to do so much better knowing what comes next. I was/am one of those mom's that isn't afraid to let the baby cry as soon as I lay them down. Eventually they fell asleep and it became easier and easier. Now my kids go to bed with no fuss, but lately my almost 3 year old will fight with me about bedtime and insists on staying up a little bit after her brother goes to sleep. I let her sit on my lap and we read a book but then it's nighty-night time.

    I have enjoyed the series' that you do. Maybe I'll join in on your next one if I can. :-)


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