Monday, June 23, 2014

15 weeks!

Baby R's Stats!

Baby's size: Peach

How far along:
15 weeks!!! I skipped my 14th week update last week because I was too busy enjoying life and washing three months of dirty laundry. Taking one day at a time. :)

Sleep: Sleep hasn't been the best. For some reason I keep waking up which is causing me to be even more tired in the morning. Also it's just hard to get comfy these days.

Maternity Clothes: I'm rocking the leggings these days. I'm at that awkward stage when my jeans are a little tighter and maternity pants are saggy. I could still wear my pants but I hate feeling tight jeans with a passion so I've been all dresses and leggings.

Food cravings: Something different everyday. Yesterday it was chicken salad and today it was just sandwiches. This is such a fickle pregnancy haha. 
Food aversions:
Coffee :(((((((((((( Right now I can't even stand the smell of it. And it makes me so sad. I'm starting to be okay Frappes again so 'm hoping that's a sign.  Other than that there is always something I'm hating on.

Symptoms I HAVE: Still some morning nausea, tiredness and cramping but that's it. 

Doctor’s Appointment: I have one tomorrow & I'm so excited to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat.

Movement: I felt movement for the first time last week! I was shocked due to the fact I didn't feel Evie until I hit around 20 weeks. I love feeling movements. It makes my day.
Belly Button: Innie but it's starting to look like a pregnant innie.

Gender: Jesus blessed Leon and I  by telling us the gender of our baby early on in our pregnancy by telling my Husband, two friends who are like sisters and to seal the deal our Pastor Prophsiesed our baby's gender over us. So we know in faith what our baby is however, we're gonna wait to share it until we do the announcement.

Name: We've.. I've put out a few names here and there but Leon and I are really waiting on The Lord for a name. 

Best moment of the week:
Honestly, everyday since I've been feeling better has been the best moment haha. Feeling great is amazing.

What I’m looking forward to:
Feeling stronger kicks and my next ultrasound.

What I miss: This is going to sound
silly but I miss craving and loving coffee.. No I'm not addicted... I just love enjoying it. My coffee makes a great blogging/morning/writing/reading companion so it feels so weird not having my pretty mug with me.... Fyi this blog is a "no judging" zone. ;)


Big sister: Evelynne has no idea what's going on right now. She doesn't really understand why I can't hold her as much as I use to or wrestle with her. I keep trying to tell her that her baby sibling is inside mama and she just looks at me like I have three heads haha. She had her first encounter with an infant Sunday when we got to meet her new cousin Hannah but she didn't show too much interest until I picked her up. Once I held Hannah she immediately  came up to me and demanded that  hold her lol. I tell you my daughter doesn't say much at the moment but her actions speak way louder than words sometimes haha! However, I know Evelynne is going to be such a great big sis and with  practice with her dolls she'll learn to be okay with sharing mama.

Do you mamas have any advice on preparing a little one for a sibling? I could use all the help. :)


  1. I lost all desire for coffee until about 14 weeks, and it was terrible! I love coffee! Don't worry, no judging here ;)

  2. ..and I realize I posted my above comment on my husband's computer XD

  3. So happy to read this and hear how you are doing! Hopefully you'll get more and more energy as you get further into your second trimester :)

    Do you like peppermint tea? You can add cream and a sweetener and peppermint is supposed to help with nausea! :)

    When I was pregnant with Natalie I would tell Charlotte about all the fun things they could do together one day "tubby time together! Eat ice cream together!" haha those two were her favorite. I think just reinforcing that the coming baby is a gift to your family and to her :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better love! You look so skinny! And I'm feeling frumpy haha.

  5. You are so adorable! Love the updates.


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