Monday, April 7, 2014

What's in Evelynnne's Easter Basket.

I was so excited to buy Evelynne an Easter basket this year. Last year was fun too but this year is extra fun because she's taking interest now and it's so much more fun to buy her things. I think each year the holidays just get better and better. Leon and I are kinda strict with buying things for our baby girl and we don't buy her things that often.. Mainly because she has a lot of people who love her and buy so much for her. So when holidays come around Leon and I both have so much fun going out for her. 

When it comes to Easter baskets I want to be a little more creative and leave the candy out of the picture minus a little Easter chocolate bunny but that's it. Other then that we did books, other snacks, and just some fun stuff.
 GAMA GO Rise & Shine Toddler Sippy Cup
As soon as I saw this I couldn't help but want one for Evelynne. She's such a mini Starbucks lover and she always wants mine when I have one. So I really think this might tone down her desire for mine when she has her own. 


Ty Tiptop Giraffe In case you didn't know Evelynne has a thing for giraffes. She loves them. So when I came across this little guy and how soft he was I had to buy him. Plus she loves soft things and this giraffe is super soft. 


 Sense & Sensibility: An Opposites Primer [Book]

Sense and Sensibility I've been wanting to get her the whole collection to this book since she loves her Pride and prejudice one so much! They have so many. 


Product Details  

Annie's snacks are Evelynne's favorites, especially the fruitsnacks and graham crackers. I will definitely be finishing up her basket with these yummy treats, along with a homemade chocolate bunny and bubbles with a few other outside toys.

What are you doing for you kid's Easter basket?? Have any great ideas? I'd love to know in case I want to run out to the store and finish some last minute shopping. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute is that sippy cup! I love it!

  2. That sippy cup is awesome!! We love Annie's fruit snacks in our house! I get my girls their Easter dress and shoes too for their baskets. Such fun!

  3. OMG I NEED that sippy cup! That's hilarious and so creative! I haven't even thought about Easter baskets this year but Judah is also in the stage where things are fun and interesting to him! Guess I need to get on that :)

  4. This is all so cute! That sippy cup is awesome! And I had no idea they had books like Sense and Sensibility for kids! So cool!

  5. I think she's gonna love that stuff!


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