Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter Weekend Bunny zoo trip// E's first Easter egg hunt at the zoo and enjoying her chocolate covered egg for her reward// 12.13 Enjoying her chocolate almond spread bunny toast and bananas for Breakfast// 14.15.16 Checking out her Easter baskets// 17. Snacking & waiting for daddy to finish cooking off the grill// Easter pic// 18. Trying out her new cow towel her Gandma bought her// 19 Me & my beautiful sister in law//20 Evie and her Great Memaw//  21. Loving her new books// Eye balling Aunties homemade lemon blueberry cake.

On Friday my friend and I took our kids to The Zoo Bunny. They had the cutest Easter bunny costume ever but Evie didn't want anything to do with him so no pictures of that haha. She loved searching for eggs though! She had so much fun and she got a chocolate covered egg with peanut butter for her reward for finding five eggs of a different color. She loved it! She's been so loved this weekend as usual and I think she's had more chocolate these last few days then I've given to her in her life time.. What I'm saying is we officially have a choc-a-holic on our hands.

We celebrated Easter on Saturday because Leon was off that day and thankfully my hubby decided he wanted to cook everything. I wasn't complaining because Leon is amazing at cooking. He's got a gift so when he's willing to cook I welcome him to the kitchen with open arms and an excited appetite. He made burgers, amazing chicken, mac and cheese from scratch, beans,  hot dogs,and  cooked veggies,  and Ashley and I made cake and chocolate cream pie. Other than the sweets Evie favored Leon's chicken. She had a whole piece to herself pretty much. We all were amazed.

Evelynne loved her Easter Baskets.  I just adore how loved she is from not just family but friends as well. Our loving friend even surprised Evie with a fun basket. We were so touched.

This Easter was hands down one of my favorites so far and I just know each year as we grow as a family and Evelynne get's older it will just keep getting better!

Easter is one of my favorite things to celebrate. Not just because of the great food and fun with family but mostly as you all can agree Jesus is the One we're celebrating.  I love Him so much and He is so worthy and amazing. Seriously worthy of all of our praise! We also celebrate Easter because it was the day the battle was won. When death lost it's sting and life had a new beautiful meaning. It's when the enemy was brought to shame and God's children were brought to victory. Christ is Risen.


  1. I love Easter too. Our recap will be up tomorrow. =) I already posted Monday about the message, but it was pretty thought provoking.

  2. I'm glad you had a great Easter!

  3. Just found your blog, looking forward to following!

  4. Amen! I am so glad you had such a blessed Easter!


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