Thursday, April 10, 2014


As a mom perfection is something I strive to be.. I desire to be the perfect mama. The mama who knows how to do all things, when to do them and how to do them.

Being honest here, It bugs me that I'm not the perfect mom. It frustrates me so much! I want to do everything right and be the mistake free mom. But you and I both know that will never happen. Not being negative it's just truth!

God revealed something to me today that has never crossed my mind before.. never.

He told me that if I expect myself to be perfect, all knowing and to never make any mistakes then I need to expect the same of my daughter.. Also if I expect myself to be perfect why do I need Jesus in the first place?"

Bam! I just love Jesus and His Hardcore truths. Mamas I see things in a new light today.. It's really a good thing we're not the perfect mamas and here are some reasons why:

If we were perfect why would we need  Jesus to help and guide us every day?

If we were the perfect mamas our children would suffer because they would see the perfection in our lives and they would want to strive for the same and because they're not perfect the lack of perfection
 would fall even harder on them. And because they don't see us fully giving Jesus our frustrations and imperfections they won't either. Instead they will try to be perfect on their own and that's just not possible.

Darlings, I think one of the biggest lies the enemy tries to hit us hard with is that "you need to be a perfect mom to be a good mom." But I'm finding out that's the furthest thing from the truth.

Our children need to see our physical imperfections and they need to see us giving them to Jesus so He can continue to renew us.  We need to stop trying to do it on our own and just cry out to Christ and say "God I receive your love, guidance and wisdom today!"

And we need to stop beating ourselves up about mistakes we have made when it comes to parenting and tell ourselves what we would tell our own children. "It's okay, God's got you so forgive yourself and begin again. And that's exactly what our Heavenly Father is telling us. We're just so disappointed in ourselves to hear it.

So moms, I'm glad you're not perfect and I'm glad I'm not perfect. It makes it a lot easier for us to understand each other and encourage each other.

I'm glad we need Jesus every second of the day and I'm glad our children do too!

I'm glad that my dear Evie can see how much I need Jesus and I pray every day that through the imperfections I deal with daily Evelynne will not only see how much I need and receive the strength and perfection of Jesus but I hope she sees how much she needs Jesus too.

I don't know about you but for now on this mama is clinging hard to the fact that Jesus is what makes me a perfect mama. And imperfections won't change that.

Just  like in Jesus our children are  perfect children and mistakes they make won't change that either.


  1. I love how God continues to reveal himself to us in new ways! Also another reason we need him: because we would think we were to the brink of our knowlegdge {before 30 yrs old} and then what would we do!?? How very boring!

    Thanks for sharing this post. I know I'm not the only one who needed to hear it :)

  2. What a great perspective. For me personally, pinterest and social media are my demise! I see everyone else with their awesome arts and crafts, activities with their kids, etc. etc. etc., and I start feeling a little hopeless "How can I compete with THAT?!?". I always have to take a step back and remind myself that no one is perfect, and the ONLY perfect person is God.

  3. I needed this post today. Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed and just plain worn out. I feel like a failure as a mom, but I know that is all the devil's lies in my ear. I pinned that verse for future reference. =)


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