Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Evelynne's 16 month (two weeks later.)

Yes, two weeks later. But in my defense these last two weeks have been crazy with stuffy noses, teething and just craziness.. Better late then never right? :)

 So, I'm not the kind of mama who gets sad when their kids reach a new stage in their life. I look forward to watching Evelynne grow up and I'm so so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to raise this sweet girl. It's such a blessing and Leon and I are so overwhelmed with love for this girl.

At 16 Months Evelynne is//
  • Getting much better at signing and is finally starting to catch on. So far she's saying "Please" and "all done" 
  • really getting into the hand holding. I LOVE it. When we walk she comes up and holds my hand and it's the sweetest thing. 
  • Playing tea party.. I haven't gotten any videos yet because as soon as I take out my camera she's done playing.. But I will. Playing tea party with my daughter is a dream come true.
  • Talking.. alot! Well, baby talk that is. She talks with her hands and it's the cutest ever.
  • Saying:  Dada, Mama, Up, dog, cat, and Ga (short for Grandma) Ah (short for Auntie Ashley, Mooo and her newest is the monkey sound and yogurt.
  • Still loving to dance!
  •   Taking shorter to no naps! When she does nap it's usually around 2:00 pm. However, mama still needs her time to take a breather so Evelynne gets to experience some Independent playtime in her crib for thirty minutes or so. So we both get some alone time.
  • Is really starting to throw legit tantrums. We're talking on the floor, kicking and screaming.. Yikes! 
Nicknames// Evie, Darling, Piglet, Little love, Princess, munchkin and sweet pea,  Beautiful, Espresso bean

Evelynne is loving//
  •     Bunny and Mr bear are her two favorites right now. It's so cute! When she wakes up she refuses to leave the crib without them. She still is a big fan of Mr Giraffe but only in the crib. However, Giraffes are still her favorite animal and she gets so excited when she sees them!
  • Dogs and cats.
  • When Daddy comes home. She loves to stand and wave to him at the door.
  • Food
  • The great out doors and just getting out of the house in general.
  • Her books. I just love her curiosity and I love her desire to read and look at books.
  • Baby gym. God has provided a way for me to take Evelynne for free these past three times and it has been great! I love watching her socialize and have fun with other kids.
  • Play dates with her friends.
  • Starbucks cups (she's my girl!)
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Barney
  • The wiggles
Evelynne is loving not so much//
Time outs (what kid does?)
Nap time
Being told "no"

 It's been two weeks since I've nursed her! It gets easier everyday so I'm trying hard to be consistent with it. She's getting much better with veggies so I'm so thankful for that. The other day she ate broccoli and today carrots!  She still loves fruit though so I'm not complaining. Her favorites right now are probably lunch meat, Annies Organic fruit snacks,graham bunnies, yotoddler yogurt, and all fruits especially oranges, oatmeal. strawberries, and watermelon. She was introduced to Chick fil a's fried chicken last Saturday at my sister's baby shower and LOVED them. We're still sticking with grilled chicken though lol.  She's a great eater! I always tell Leon she takes after him with that! The man can put down some food. :)

 I love watching them together. Leon pretty much just has one day a week to spend time with us and he really tries his hardest to make it count. He works so hard so that I can stay home and raise our daughter. Evelynne and I can't appreciate him more! I feel like the older she gets the better he is with her! 

It makes me sad sometimes though because every week she has to open up to him again.. She really doesn't know when he's coming or going since he's only with us one day a week. I know it must be hard for her because she doesn't understand why. I sometimes wish he had a normal family oriented 9-5 job so he could be with us everyday. Either that or get better hours.

Is really working on consistency! No means no. She's at that age where she wants to test you and see if you'll follow through. I've failed in that aspect a few times but I'm quickly getting the hang of it. However, I'm surprised she doesn't know the word "no" by  now haha. Leon on the other hand is soooo good at being consistent!
I'm so excited for Spring to be here already. We're having warm weather on and off here so I'll be happy when it stays. I plan on going Spring shopping when it's here to stay considering my girl is growing so fast I want to make sure everything will still fit when Spring is over.

We're loving this age because: She's growing more and more into the person she'll be. And Leon and I are learning quickly that talking will be something she'll do a lot! She started started to baby talk nonstop. Like she'll actually have a conversation with you now speaking her language. It's so cute! Her and I will be doing laundry and she'll just talk to me. Love those moments.

                                                       What I'm looking forward to//
 Easter! Last year Evelynne was so little to understand what was going on but this year I plan on buying her an Easter basket with one little Easter chocolate bunny, with books and a stuffed animal.. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it's in Spring and most importantly it's a reminder of What Jesus did for us on The cross!

I'm also really looking forward to buying my girl some Spring clothes. 

Events and pictures that took place last month//

I took Evelynne on a coffee date the other day and after that we went to the book store and to visit her Grammy at her work.  It was so much fun! This is the kinda thing that I have looked forward to ever since I found out about my little girl! I love hanging out with her. She makes me laugh and she's just great company. I love her so much!

She's such a little talker!

         Some pictures from my Sister's Baby shower. My family owns a farm so Evelynne loves being there!
Dearest Evelynne,
My mind still can't wrap around the fact that you are really 16 months. It's been 16 months since I held you, kissed you, and saw you for the first time. Where we experienced so many "Firsts" all in one day.. Now it seems that "Firsts" are happening far few in between so when it does happen I get more excited then ever! God has blessed us with you sweet girl and I can't thank Him enough for the privilege. Your daddy and I pray every day to continue to receive wisdom from Jesus to raise you how you need to be raised. Your such an independent and strong willed baby girl and I love you for that.. Even if it tends to drive me crazy sometimes I know you have those qualities for a reason. I just know God will teach me to encourage that and also shape it into the right direction. 

I love you beautiful! You never cease to make my day!



  1. She gets even more beautiful as she gets older!! What a cutie! I loooove the giraffe. Giraffe's are my favorite animal! I want one of those! =D

  2. Sweet sweet sweet! I love how detailed you are :) way to go, mama!

  3. I love these posts! She is so cute!

  4. Love that little video and baby talk! She's so cute. The best when they want to hold your hand, luckily my 3 year old still wants to hold my hand and snuggle before bed. Mostly because I think snuggling is a delay tactic for bedtime, but I'll take it!

  5. Great update. She is learning so much! What a little sweetie pie!

  6. It is bittersweet seeing them grow up. Mine turned five today.

  7. So sweet! The weaning is hard, but it does seem to get easier as time goes on... I give in too much though. Your letter to her is great! She sure is beautiful!

  8. She's so precious. Naps must vary. B/c my cousin has a 2 yr old and he takes 2 hour naps sometimes longer. Sometimes he doesn't take any at all. I think all kids should take naps LOL


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