Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Little girl's room hang decor.

When I was in the process of doing Evelynne's nursery I decided I wanted to make most to everything thing that was in there decor wise. Not only so I could get my creativity on but also to make the room more personal and did I mention cheaper??

I would be the first to admit that my projects are never perfectly done. You can always tell they were home made.. at least for the most part but to me that's what makes them original and different.. It's all apart of finding beauty in every aspect. Any who, I was really excited about how these two wall art projects came out so I decided to do my first DIY post in case   you wanted to do it yourself.

You will need:
1) A Canvas (Or you can get creative and find something around the house. I used the bottoms of my fabric baskets.) :)

2) Letter Stencils.

3) Paint.

4) Little wooden shapes.

5) Super glue or A glue gun

6) Ear Swabs and a small paint brush

7) If you want to do the one with the picture frame you will need a small photo album that you don't plan on using.

8) tape

 To do:
I would encourage you to use a swab when you trace your letters. It  makes it so much easier to write the letters more perfectly without smudges because the lettering is so small.

After I was finished writing my letters I took a heart shape and a circle and painted them. I painted them with a small paintbrush and for the polka dots on the circle I used a swab. After they dried I glued them to the board.

For the photo frame I took a small photo album and cut one of the pages out. I didn't want to do anything permanent with adding the photo in case I wanted to remove it later so I took the page, taped one side and glued it to the board. After it dried and I knew nothing was going to leak through I put a picture of Evelynne's sonogram picture in there and taped the other side.

And then I was finished!
As you can see these are so simple to make and I didn't have to pay a cent. :)
You can make these for any occasion and not just for a nursery. I thought about making one for my mom on Mothers day! Oh and Christmas presents!!

So what do you think of my first DIY?? Should I just stick to mommy posts? lol


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