Monday, April 14, 2014

Understanding my role as a Biblical WIfe.

First this!  I'm guesting posting for Andrea on her series Birth diaries.. Come check it out. :)I love her & her blog.
Hand and the Heart

Moving on...The study on learning who I am as a daughter of Christ is so incredible. It's really a study that doesn't end and would clearly take forever to get it all down. We have so much Victory, Authority & so much love from Jesus. It's a study I don't plan to end and I encourage you to do a study on it yourselves. I'd love to hear all about it!

In these last few weeks of understanding to a deeper level of who we are as daughters of God I've taken with me that The Father has lavished us in His Love and acceptance. And we are all children of God through faith. That He is The Perfect Father to us willingly and has adopted us to be His Own. We are not unworthy to be His children in fact, we have a right to be! Not because of our own works but all because of Jesus and all that He did to make us perfection and white as snow. He is our reflection.

Being a woman who has never had that kind of Father and daughter relationship before this speaks volumes to me. We are not meant to seek and expect our fathers to fill every need. That's what our Father in Heaven desires to do and He's the only one that can do it. It doesn't matter if your dad here in earth is the best one there is. He can't fill your every need because he has needs of his own. He can't fll your every need because he doesn't know how too. So give your  needs to God and He'll fill them willingly with love and open arms.

Ladies, we are so much more in Jesus. It's captivating. This study isn't yet over for me and I will continue to study and share what I have learned in my upcoming E book EEK! I can't wait to share more on that.

Now I think it's time to move on to Understanding my role as a Biblical wife. I have been so excited to do this one because being a wife and knowing the importance of being a Biblical one not only for my sake but my family's as well,. I take my role as a wife so seriously and I want to do it joyfully & with the best of my ability. So will you join me for the next couple of weeks as I make the commitment with learning and understanding to a deeper level of  what my role is as a Biblical wife? I'm so excited. :)


  1. I love this post. Keep us updated on the book! Very exciting.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story today! So beautiful!


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