Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Becoming a mother// Guest post by Beka.

  Hello loves! Today I have a special treat for you coming from one of my friends Beka! I'm so excited to have her here today and share with you some things she has to say from her new experience of entering the world of motherhood.
Hello ladies! My name's Beka, and I blog over at The Castilles. I am very honored to be featured on Like A Morning Cup Of Coffee today. I often enjoy reading her posts on marriage, motherhood, and Godly femininity. She's someone I would love to sit down with over coffee! Thanks for letting me take over your blog for the day, Heather!!

 My husband Sean and I got married last August and we just found out this February that we're expecting our first! After some initial shock (and three pregnancy tests), we let it sink in and praised the Lord for the gift of life he placed inside me. I'm young - only 19 - and both marriage and motherhood are happening for me at an age when most girls are in college, starting internships, or studying abroad. Even though I know full well that marriage & motherhood at a young age was exactly what God had best planned for me, the lies of the culture around me still creep in... It whispers, "you're wasting your life". It mocks, "you're not ready for this." It degrades, "there's other women who would have done better at this than you." It lies, "you're weak, God isn't strong enough to hold you." So often I fall into the temptation to believe these lies and I grow disheartened: Oh my goodness! I'm having a baby! Nothing's going to be the same again! I can't handle these changes! God, surely you could have chosen someone else for this task of motherhood. I'm clearly not cut-out for this. I choose to fret instead of looking at my growing belly with overwhelming joy. I choose to feel regret instead of peace in holding my husband's strong hand. I choose to worry about the disapproving looks of others who scoff and think I'm too young - instead of rejoicing that the Lord is sanctifying me in such a unique way! I dwell on the opportunities I won't have instead of noticing all the open doors that a life of stay-at-home motherhood is going to offer me. Do you see how easy it is to view a change in circumstances, such as impending motherhood, as a threat to the comfortable life you've grown accustomed to? As Christian women, we ought to see these changes as a sign that the Lord loves us and loves to teach us new things! God desires to be glorified in our lives...but how can he be glorified if we fret and worry over what He calls blessings? Over what He calls good things? May we view changes such as these with JOY and run after them with reckless abandon!
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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! Don't listen to lies of the culture - they are just that, lies. Everyone's story is their own.



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