Monday, December 23, 2013



Today Leon and I celebrate our 2 years of Marriage. And my what an amazing two years it has been!

These past two years hasn't been the easiest road but through it God is planting flowers where we are walking. Always reminding us to take time to smell them and see the blessings we have.
It's truth that Marriage takes a lot of work. I find that it is a daily refining process to be all selfless. But despite all of the hard times, there has been a heck of a lot more good!

Because even though God doesn't will for struggles to happen in our marriage He sure knows how to fix it and work it  all out for the good!

And I just know that what Leon and I are going through finiancially will work out for the good and it's time to bring an end to the generational curse that has made it's way through both of our families. It stops here. And this year. So by mine and Leon's 3rd anniversary  I'll be writing a blog post telling you how we did it! You excited? I sure am. 


I am so so  happy I married my best friend! Words can't even describe!

He is my half.
My love.
And the man in Armor that Jesus gave to me to call him Mine.

Fire proof is one of my favorite movies of all time. Because there's so much truth and marriage advice in it.

One of my favorite parts is when the salt and pepper are mentioned.

Anyone who knows us would know that Leon and I are very different.
I'm the salt and He's the peper.

I'm Mrs Sensitive and He's Mr get over yourself.
I like to go to dinner and he likes to go to the movies.
He's a perfectionist and I'm allergic to cleaning.
He's a talker and I'm a listener.

He likes to spend and I like to hang onto every dollar!

And the list goes on and on.
We're different and it's not a bad thing! In fact, It's a great thing! Especially for ministry. We can take on both groups as we work together. We balance each other out.

Happy Anniversary my holy pepper shaker,
I'm so so glad God gave me you to be my Holy hunk.
He has used you in my life in so many ways.
He has used your hands to comfort me.
To love me.
To protect me.
And to show me His face.

He has used you to show me  truth that I've longed for all my life. He used you to open my eyes to the fact that God isn't mad at me but He loves me more than I can even imagine. And He has used you to show me that God can take an ordinary man and use him to do extraordinary things!

And I'm looking forward to another great year of laughs with you. And many more of course!!

And now a little romance of the song we danced to at our wedding. *tear.


I love hearing from you!!!!

I try to respond to every comment so make sure you come back. Much love xoxo