Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A letter from a soon to be Married Gentleman.

This is a letter my Darling wrote to me before we got married.. It makes me so bubbly and so blessed every time I read it!!

Sorry Nicholas Sparks. My man has you beat!

Dear Heather, If marrying you meant I would  live in a shack, I would still do it.
If marrying you meant sacrificing  my dreams I would still do it.
If marrying you meant fulfilling my dreams I would still do it.

There is no price I wouldn't pay to have the honor of leading you and fulfilling my God given calling of being your mate.

There are many different reasons why I want to marry you, but the single most important reason is because we have been called , ordained by God to fulfill a life of ministry and servant hood.

My how I have grown to love you. You are the only young lady I have been with as a couple whose relationship in founded  entirely in love.

I love you because you loved me first. You loved me no matter what. I had to seek and dig outside of my feelings to find you. A diamond among stones.  Now that I found you I don't want to let you go.

I want to pledge my life to you in the  most sacred commitment I can make and I want to go through life with you, good and bad. Because  I know we will make it because of love.

I have started to build with you and I cannot leave what was started unfinished. If you can read my heart in these fourteen sentences  then I have succeeded. It will take much more that that to share my heart with you. I'm prepared to write novels, books, encyclopedias. I love you dear and I want to marry you.

Love Leon.


  1. That is a beautiful letter! So sweet and so thoughtful.

  2. Wow. You weren't kidding!!! This definitely could be in a Nicholas Sparks novel!!! So cute!! Gosh! =)


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