Wednesday, December 4, 2013

TGBTL Week #1: Photo & 3 Things

Hey guys, I wasn't originally planning on blogging on here today but I came across a pretty groovy (Yes, I said groovy. Don't judge!) Link up held by two beautiful ladies Hayley And Lauren And I couldn't miss out on all the fun going on here this morning. :)

                                                      Girl Between the Lines Link up
Share a photo of you along with three things you love about yourself.

A few years ago this would have been such a hard one for me to answer. Considering just a few years ago I didn't like myself or anything about me. I thought I was a weirdo and a ugly one.But God has been doing some major God changes on this heart of mine and has not only encouraged me to love myself but He's given me lists of why I should!! (A post for another time perhaps?) Anywho, At this point in life it's gonna be hard to narrow down everything I love about myself to only three things!!

1. I love the fact that I am free. Being in bondage with who I was my whole life.. Of insecurity, sexual abuse and not knowing how to deal with that, and the bondage of just hating who I was and not really understanding the Love of Jesus and who He wanted to be in my life. I now appreciate my freedom in Him more than ever.. He has given me the freedom to love myself, to dream, to run, to receive the very faith that Jesus died to give us so that we would have authority and victory in Christ. And the freedom to be a wife and a Mama after God's own heart. It's a freedom that only Jesus can give and it's def worth receiving. There would be nothing good about me without Him.

2. I'm Patient.  I'm so glad Jesus blessed me with Patience.. It's really something I rarely struggle with and for that I am 100% thankful. Having a daughter who knows what she wants and will fight Mama hard to get it and a wonderful husband who works almost 24 hours on end as a police officer Jesus really must have known that Patience is really on my need list along with the rest of the fruit of the Spirit. I'm glad I have received them all.

3. I'm a writer. I love to write! And I'm so glad that Jesus gave me a gift for it. I'm not a huge speaker but will be if I feel called to or even asked to. But writing is a go to place for me. It's a place where my heart just freely speaks out without the worry of what people think. It's a gift that God has given me and I'm so glad I can use it for His glory.

What are 3 things about you that nobody else knows about? Or at least your blogging friends. :)

                                            Happy Mid week lovelies!
                                                   xoxo Heather Leigh


  1. The freedom that Christ brings is the best gift we could ever ask for--it's a beautiful thing that you are confident in His freedom!

  2. Found you from the linkup. This is beautiful! I am so glad you are now set free by Christ from the hate of who you were. You are His beautiful daughter and He loves you! Praise the Lord! I can't wait to read more of your story!

  3. I absolutely love this!! We were all in bondage of some sort and I love how you see your freedom in Christ as one of the best things about yourself--Because it is! Your family is beautiful and I love that picture of you guys with all the pumpkins!! Thanks so much for joining us at the link up! :)

  4. Visiting from the link up! You have such a sweet heart. I love that you celebrate your freedom, patience and love of writing. Your talent for writing shines through your post!

  5. Visiting from the TGBTL linkup. Thanks for the encouragement in your post of the reminder that we're FREE because of HIM! Glad to find someone else who loves to write as much as me. I feel that if I can't get it off my head into my blog than I literally will not sleep well. -Jessica

  6. You have a blog that is filled with deep and meaningful posts! I look forward to your future posts :)

  7. So encouraged by this, Heather!! Thanks for sharing what you love about yourself and a little about your story... so thankful to be getting to know you more!! :) Thanks for linking up, friend!!

  8. What a beautiful post! It is so important to think about the things we love in ourselves - because those are things that Christ loves in us too! I am so glad that He has set you free!

  9. Hi Heather Leigh! I loved this post. It seems like you have topped 'survivor' and grown on to 'thriver'. Love that.

    I just did a post where I listed seven things about me. Three of them? I am one of eight children, I can't sleep on planes, and my fav color is purple!

    Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  10. What a beautiful family!! And YOU are amazing! I really love how you dug below the surface and shared what you love about yourself. It makes me want to dig deep and find what I really love, and amplify that. Because the things you love about yourself, those traits are what make this world a better place!


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