Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A coffee date.

Being a Mama I really enjoy taking advantage of the things I used to take for granted.. Like coffee dates! I've always loved them but now, I love them even more.

Before Evie was born Coffee dates with a friend was just something I did. It was no biggie and some times they weren't even that long. But now when I get to leave Evelynne with her daddy to join a sister for coffee it's a real treat!

My Friend Krista and I got to escape Motherhood for a few hours while the men watched the little ones. Neither one of us has had a kid free coffee date since well, before the kids were born.. I'm trying to remember the  very last coffee date we had before this one and it was when Leon and I were very newly wedded. Time sure has flown by and with her living in a total different state at the moment it makes our coffee date so much sweeter! Speaking of sweet have you had the cute snowman cookie from Starbucks yet?  It's so yummy! The only problem I have with it is that it's way to adorable to eat!

Our conversations are so different now as well. Our last coffee date we talked about Marriage and now we talk about our children. We constantly have the babies on the brain. It's a mom thing! But one thing has not changed and never will. Our love for Jesus and including Him in our coffee dates.. Our lovely coffee date lasted about four hours. We would have stayed longer but we started getting text messages haha!

What are some things that you appreciate more now that you're a mama?


  1. A coffee date? What's that...lol. It sounds lovely. When I go back home for a visit I'm definitely getting my parents to babysit!

  2. Hi Heather Leigh! First of all, my mouth is watering over those coffees and treats. I love Starbucks!

    I would give my right arm for a coffee date when my kids were small. It really does help to clear the head and makes you feel like an adult. Let me encourage you to go on many of them!

    My husband would have texted me too, if there was text messaging back then :)

  3. I cant even tell you how long its been since I have been able to go sit at Starbucks by myself, let alone with a friend and just catch up! Im thinking I need one desperately!! Glad you got to get out :)


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