Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Peppermint Icecream cake. Yum Yum!

Girl Between the Lines Link up

Okay so the question today on TGBTL link up is What is your go to recipe? .. Is it sad to say that  the first thing that came to mind was desert??

Don't get me wrong! I'm a healthy eater. I'm just a healthy eater with a wild side.

So, I thought I would post a recent invention for a Christmas desert that I love! Like really love! Like I'd eat the whole cake in one sitting love.

Peppermint stick Ice cream.
Oreo cookies.
2 tubs Whip cream.
one box of Brownie mix.

1)  Mix the ice cream you will be using with some whip cream.. As much as you like. For me the creamier it is the better.

2) Put plastic wrap inside 2 cake pans. Enough where it's covered and no ice cream can stick to the pan.

3)  Fill the pan up with Ice cream and cover with plastic wrap. Then you want to freeze it for a day or so.

4)   After it's  done being in the freezer. Make the brownies and let it sit until it's cool.

5). Empty the one Ice cream pan on a plate, put the brownie in the middle and then put the other Ice cream on top.

(Helpful hint) Make sure the brownie is shaped the same size as the ice cream circle so it's not uneven)

6) Spread the whip cream on the top. Add oreo's, chocolate and whatever else you think would taste great with it.

My friend and I enjoyed this cake with a great cup of peppermint coffee!! Our babies were a fan too!

If you try this I'd love to hear what you think of it!!! It's now one of my favorites!!


  1. Wow! Looks amazing! Im going to have to try that :)



  2. Hi Heather Leigh! You must be kidding? This looks like the best dessert on earth! And it's so easy to make too...
    I am going to visit my daughter this week, and I think she would love to have this treat, as would her family.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Happy Wednesday,


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