Friday, December 13, 2013

The victory is ours!

I remember 12-14-12 like it was yesterday. I remember I just finished picking up my published photos of my sweet almost one month old.  We were driving home when we heard it on the radio.. What not only changed the lives of the people in Connecticut but everywhere.

I remember not being able to hold back the tears.

Thinking about the parents, children, siblings, friends, family. And all the lives that were stolen.

I couldn't blog that day.. I couldn't and I didn't.. I was so emotional, angry and just to sad  to write and in my experience of writing I've learned that writing out of emotion or anger is really not the best idea especially if it's public..

So friends today I come to you with some words on my heart..
I have heard so many say/ask

"How could God allow such a thing to happen? "

Or "God is sovereign and it was His will for a reason".

I have heard this saying so many times not just with Sandy hook but with Miscarriages, deaths, sickness and all the above..

Sometimes it's so easy to put the blame on God.. But truthfully He had nothing to do with it. In fact His heart was more broken when this tragedy occurred  than ours.

Yes He's sovereign in the way where He knew it was going to happen but He didn't will it to happen.. Gosh there's so many things on this earth that has happened that wasn't His will at all!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
-John 10:10

Truth is we live in a fallen world.. A world where people allow the enemy to work in their lives to destroy others. We live on a battlefield where spiritual warfare is never ending and it won't end until we all go home.

Every day for the rest of our lives the enemy will try to claim what is rightfully ours and that is victory.

The victory that Jesus Christ died to give us.. The victory that has already been won because the blood has already been shed.

What happened that day at Sandy hook was horrible.. Something that should not of happened and surely there was evil behind it.

I believe that was the enemy trying to claim our victory.. Victory over us, our emotion and hatred.. But you know what.. He didn't win and he never will. It's something he fails to see along with many of us. He can't win a battle that has already been won.

Yes, in the physical realm many would think and say that evil won that day at Sandy hook along with many other days. But you see evil can't win and Jesus paid a huge price for it to remain that way.

Children died that day but today they're with Jesus.. Having more fun and having more life than they ever did on earth. They no longer experience sadness or pain. 

But the enemy is condemned forever!

he has no victory and never will and He will pay for everything he has done and The Lord will make him give back seven fold of what he has stolen.

Today I remember Sandy Hook  And the loved ones we lost.

But I'm not stopping there..


  1. Amen girl! Your words are so very true! I'm so so glad that Jesus has already won the victory for all of us.

  2. Hi Heather Leigh! What a beautiful and comforting explanation of Sandy Hook. All those little children, all those lives that will never be the same. It's so sad.

    We have to face our world with so much faith. It's so challenging, but we are given the grace to do it.

    I pray that we will all be witnesses of goodness and love to each other. Especially in this season of Christmas.



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