Monday, December 9, 2013

A December Birthday Party.

Yes, yes I know "but Evelynne's Birthday is in November."  I've gotten that so many times lol. But when you have a hubby who works for the police department with his schedule already planned you just gotta revolve your plans around his schedule. What I'm saying is I'd have her Party in January only to have her daddy and my hubby there.. Thankfully we didn't have to wait that long though!

I never realized how hard and stressful it was to host a party.. Maybe it was the fact we were late getting to the church to set things up *caugh caugh hubby's fault lol*  Or maybe it's the fact the pizza guy didn't get to the party until an hour and 30 minutes later.. That's all I can say about that detail other than the fact future parties I will be picking up my own pizza and I'm so so glad we had enough food for everyone already there. I am glad though that they gave us 4 pizzas for 30$. They better have right? Anyways...

Evelynne's Birthday party turned out to be a blast!! Leon and I made the decision to only invite Family, Church family and friends who see Evelynne normally and it was a decision I'm so glad we made because everyone actually knew Evelynne and she did the same. I didn't have to worry about Evelynne being afraid to go to anyone because she has a great relationship with everyone there.

Her Birthday theme was Giraffe (you surprised??) with pink and brown. The decorations turned out great! And I think over all everything went wonderful. And speaking of wonderful my sister from another Mister came to visit and was there. Oh my gosh my excitement that she is here for a little while makes me want to jump! I can't wait until she is here for good.
Now back to Evelynne's party shall we??

I really hope these pictures are blog worthy enough for you guys! My camera is having it's last days and  I need to get a new one.. It's on the list of one of the things we're depending on God to provide because it's something I really need.I mean every mom needs a good blog worthy camera, right?

Leon and I are both so extremely blessed to call Evelynne our daughter! She has such an anointing and calling on her life. We're also so blessed by everyone else who adores and loves her too! She is one loved and supported girl by everyone I know.. She is a girl that has so many Aunts and Uncles who spoil her and so many Grandparents who love and cherish her.

So I made the cup cakes and Evelynne's smash cake from scratch for the very first time and all I can say is that there is no going back to box.. I'm officially a no boxer cake baker! I made a delicious yellow cake and boy was it good! I think Evelynne would humbly agree.

For lunch we served Pulled chicken BBQ, Chicken sandiches, Pasta Salad, fruit, veggies, and Pizza whom did I mention was an hour and thirty minutes late?

The cup cakes was self served and I had it decorated in a giraffe shape. I wish I had a picture to show but I don't. Sorry about that! Honestly though, I think I'm more upset about not having a pic than anyone lol.

For snacks I wanted to have a variety for both adults and kids so we had chips and salsa, fruit snacks, Pirates booty, animal crackers, rice crispies,  cookies and chips and for drinks we had a variety of juice boxes, teas, sodas, and Panera Bread coffee. yum!

It's still mind blowing to me sometimes that my baby girl is one.. Can I just tell everyone she's 12 months??
I guess that would be the same thing wouldn't it?


  1. Oh my gosh! I love that last little video! You all look so so happy. Such a cute family. These pictures are precious!! Love all the pink! =)

  2. It looks like it was lots of fun! I loved the idea of just inviting those that truly have a relationship with your little one. That makes it less stressful for everyone. That video is so cute!

  3. Awww... Looks like a fun party! I'm sure your little one had a blast. :-)

  4. Aw I loved these Heather!! Her birthday looks like it was awesome!!


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