Thursday, April 23, 2015

How I keep my Evie bear occupied while I cook.

My Evie loves to do whatever I do.. She's kind of my mini me and shadow. So when I'm in the kitchen you can bet she'll be dragging a kitchen chair to the counter and ask to help unless she's distracted by Mickey Mouse and you know what I really do try to encourage that and 99% of the time I let her be my little helper unless what I'm cooking isn't child safe like meat or raw eggs. 

Here are some ways I get my cooking done while keeping my 2 year old happy and out of trouble. 
1. I let her help. Like I said when it's not gross I encourage her to help me. Learning to cook and help someone are really important qualities so I do my best to encourage it and try not to let my tiredness and done with the day attitude to get in the way of that. 

2. When I can't let her help I usually set up a craft for her to do such as coloring, finger painting, or playdoh. Yes, there's always a mess afterwards but I just clean it up. No big.

3. Let her "pretend" cook with me. She has a play kitchen with fake food so on the other side of the counter I let her pretend to cook with me that way.

4. She has her own kitchen drawer that is full of plastic containers, cookie cutters and things she can't break to keep her occupied.

5. And when I'm really tired that's when Mickey and fruitsnacks come into the picture. ;)

In this link up we want to share with you what we've found that has worked for us as new mamas to toddlers. Because we're experts  after being moms for a few years or so, right? Not really, but we have some experience and want to share what we've learned and we'd love to learn from you, too!

               Here's our Hosts for this round!

Here are the topics we will be talking about this Month!

April 2nd. Spring activities and craft ideas for toddlers.

April 9th.  How  you keep your toddler occupied while grocery shopping.

April 15th.  Potty Training.

April 22.Ways to distract a toddler while you're cooking/cleaning etc.

April 29th Clothes shopping for your toddler. (Where do you get the best deals, where do you shop, how do you save money) etc


  1. Hi, Heather. Thank you for the party. I've never seen a link up styled like yours before. To be honest it was rather confusing. Please take this in the right spirit. I'm not trying to criticize but merely point out why people may not be linking up. Not being able to see pictures of anyone's link ups on your post is hard to get excited about. The instructions on the actual link up didn't align with the proper spaces until after I had finally figured out how to fill them in. All in all it wasn't an easy experience. I've never hosted a link up before so I don't know if there is a cost to using the other inlinks system, but I hate to see your party go to waste-especially since the content on your blog and your co-hosts blogs is so good. Just my two cents. My friend who stopped by after me felt the same way. I hope I didn't come across too harshly. Thanks again. You're toddler series is really nice.

  2. Love your ideas! Especially the drawer designated with toddler friendly things to occupy them. I did try that at one time, but I kept tripping over everything! Haha. But playdoh and finger painting...I need to get some stuff like that! Great ideas!


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