Monday, April 6, 2015

She is.

Women. Sisters. Moms. I am so deeply exited to bring to you my newest devotional for moms. I have felt so led in my spirit to start a Mom devotional ever since the beginning of my pregnancy with Liya and here it is!

I started out by writing "She is."  as a E-book but I really felt The Spirit leading me to make it a series for now and possibly a book later. I'm really excited!

Let me tell you all about it!
"She is" will begin May 11 on a Monday and will continue to be published on Mondays so that you will get a fresh start to your week. I will be discussing and sharing encouragement for moms in all seasons whether you're a brand new mama, prego mama or moms who just need a breath of fresh air. My prayer is that you will find encouragement here and that it will be a great reminder of God's love for you and that you are called for Motherhood, Favored by your Father, Loved by the most high God and you are perfect in Him.

Would you like to guest post?
 Yes! I am taking guest posts.. So if you have some encouragement to share to other moms or even a testimony that you feel would bless other moms. Please email me at and I'll set you up!
My vision.
is to build a sisterhood community of moms who just want to encourage one another in love. I see this devotional as being an online coffee shop where all of "us" moms who are thirsty and craving fellowship and a deeper relationship with God can just come on in and drink deep of heavenly Jesus espresso, fellowship and meet new mamas and become life besties. And to be honest, I see conferences in the future.. I know, I know I tend to dream big.. But hey, like I always say "You gotta dream big or go home!" AMEN?

So mark your calenders mark your phone for May 11th on Monday for "She is". I'm so excited to fellowship with you! And don't forget to send this to your other mommy friends so they can drink deep too!

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