Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Easter.

Leon and I celebrated our Easter that Wednesday due to the fact he usually works holidays, blah! But we made the most of it and my girls had two Easter days because of it so they weren't complaining. :)
So, that morning Evelynne was so excited to have watermellon for the first time this year. It has always been her favorite fruit obviously because she remembered it from last year. I cut it into cute bunny faces!

For dinner we grilled burgers, hot dogs and all the goods. My big papa Leon certainly knows hot to grill a burger. I could eat them all the time and for desert I made chocolate and vanilla bean cupcakes which was supposed to have strawberry frosting buuuuut, the consistency wasn't right however, it was still good. I still have not yet mastered the art of homemade frosting. Then we did Easter baskets! I wish I would have gotten pictures of the baskets before they Evelynne got to them lol. But I was too excited to think about pictures but I'll share what each of them got.
Evelynne got: a crochet bunny made by me, a Jesus calling Devotional book, a Minnie mouse hair brush, and a new Minnie mouse lunch box.

Liya got: her first Bible, a crochet bunny, a Zebra leather teether, binkies, and a baby doll rattle.

 Afterwards we went to the park and got one of those Birthday cake frappes.. It was such a nice day out!
P.s If you didn't get one of those Birthday cake frappes you totally missed out.. Pink whip cream people. Pink whip cream.

 That Saturday night my girls and I made  Easter eggs with salt, water, and four and painted them. It was fun and a new tradition instead of the egg dying. My girl has broken out my touching egg shells in the past and I certainly wasn't going to risk it.

On Easter day I went to church with my Dad. It was wonderful. We stopped by Dunkin donuts and grabbed coffee and donuts and headed to church. Afterwards we headed back to my parents house/farm. Evelynne loves going there. She knows Poppop and Grammy's house are where the animals are at. There's horses, goats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats and lots more. I think the bunnies and piglets were her favorite. I actually wouldn't mind giving her a bunny.
Afterwards my parents took me out for Chinese. It was really nice.

 How was your Easter?


  1. Oh my goodness! So cute. Looks like your Easter was one for the books!

  2. Your girls are such cuties!!! I have never heard of a birthday cake frappe but I'm definitely interested in trying one. YUM!

    We went to church on Easter and hosted Easter lunch at our house. It was a fun day but very long day :) We all slept very hard that night!
    Amy @


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