Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Potty training.. We did it!

 My girl is now officially potty trained! It's been rough but oh was it worth it.. Having an extra 100 dollars a month in the budget is fantastic plus the less diapers I have to change the better!

This week's topic for the One year and beyond is "Potty training"  We'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on it. Whether you went through it already or are preparing for it.

After getting Mommy wisdom from all the amazing mamas I know I decided to try the Potty training in a day method.

On Thursday I pulled up all my rugs and everything I didn't want to get peed on (or worse!) and I cleaned everything the night before too so I wouldn't have to do anything that day and just focus on the main mission.. POTTY TRAINING..

Friday morning was the big day.. It was just me and Evelynne. Leon had to work all weekend so it was up to me and win this battle and support Evelynne where to go when she needed too.

The first day is always the hardest. I planned to stay in the house all weekend and let Evelynne walk around completely nood. All morning she asked me to put a diaper on her and all morning told her "Evie you're a big girl now. Big girls get to go on the potty, yay!!

On the first day I put Evelynne on the potty every thirty minutes to an hour. She wanted nothing to do with the potty at first so that's when the mommy bribes came in. If she tried and sat on the potty she got a tiny chocolate chip for effort and if she went on the potty I did the "potty" dance for her and gave her a blue chocolate egg. That was plenty of motivation for her.

She had mainly all accidents the first day but the fact we didn't give up I call us both successful winners and we treated ourselves to chick-fil-a!
We still had accidents all weekend.. More accidents than going on the potty.. I knew she got the concept but I think she kept forgetting she wasn't wearing a diaper so if she did have an accident I would hurry and carry her to the potty and remind her that she needs to remember to go on the potty.

Now my Evelynne can be a little perfectionist. She hates being dirty or having things on her. (unless it's paint.) and she hates messing up so every time she did have an accident she took it really hard on herself and freaked out. So while she was sitting on the potty after an accident I would tell her "Great job for trying baby, you'll get it next time" and I gave her a chocolate chip for trying.

Consistency is key I believe when it comes to potty training so after having very little success all weekend I was tempted to give up when Monday came around but I decided not too. After running around nood all weekend I put panties on her. I made quite the mistake buying her "days of the week" panties. She eventually got to Friday before the day ended. By this time we had the potty training controlled when she wasn't wearing any clothes. She went each time that day when she didn't have panties on but because she didn't pull her underwear down when she went it went everywhere. So during the evening I just let her walk around nood again.

By the time Wednesday came along my girl was officially potty trained. We'd go for walks and she'd tell me she has to go  and at home she'd come to me and ask me for help. It was amazing!

And now she officially goes by herself. She still gets chocolate when she goes but only if she asks for it.
Potty training success! 

In this link up we want to share with you what we've found that has worked for us as new mamas to toddlers. Because we're experts  after being moms for a few years or so, right? Not really, but we have some experience and want to share what we've learned and we'd love to learn from you, too!

               Here's our Hosts for this round!

Here are the topics we will be talking about this Month!

April 2nd. Spring activities and craft ideas for toddlers.

April 9th.  How  you keep your toddler occupied while grocery shopping.

April 15th.  Potty Training.

April 22.Ways to distract a toddler while you're cooking/cleaning etc.

April 29th Clothes shopping for your toddler. (Where do you get the best deals, where do you shop, how do you save money) etc



  1. Congratulations on the potty training success! You make it sound so easy!

    We have been dabbling in potty training but have yet to hit it hardcore. Doing this for the first time is so intimidating yet I'm doing my best to not make a big deal out of it. The last thing I want to do is make potty training some sort of monster for our toddler to fear!

    After our baby #2 arrives, I'm planning to go for the first week of official potty training. We will be around home anyways because I'm thinking I won't want to leave the house/yard with a newborn and the toddler for a while! At least the potty is close, then :)
    Amy @

  2. Sounds like it went well! Congratulations! Just know that sometimes it isn't and every kid will require something different.


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